Saturday Spot: Party Zone and a Wish List…

I don’t have a Saturday Spot, because this is what we were doing today, ticking things off my to-do list before #8 arrives:


A Where the Wild Things Are Party


Red Hot Chili Party


A Chemical Chaos Party

Otherwise since I don’t have a particular Saturday Spot let me show you two of my favorite posts in the blog world this week:

Twenty Ways To Be a Good Penpal – I love this post – totally fabulous, who doesn’t love a real live letter.

And I loved this funny post from We are THAT Family, I totally loved it and my “I wish these folk were reading my blog” list, went straight into list mode – so just for fun:

  • We are in the market for a 10 seater people mover with seatbelts – Our nine seater isn’t going to hack it in a month’s time – when se7en becomes ei8ht…
  • 28245B3E-F12F-4516-9F55-175879D386F8.jpg

  • Olympus is my friend… I love this camera, not because I will use it while kayaking or adventure racing… but more about surviving a day in the life of se7en kids poking about with the poor thing. Because this camera is shockproof, waterproof, freeze proof I reckon it could hold it’s own during the chaos of life and it would not be a victim to any hoods.
  • Then there is COOL CRAYOLA, FABULOUS FAMILY FUN, not to mention KLUTZ!
  • What about books: Usborne, DK Books and Barefoot Books.
  • Okay, I would settle for a real live Ikea catalogue to browse and covet things from – I know I can get it online but the actual paper would be nice to have and to hold.

Otherwise, I got a link from an appreciative tea-towel swopper! That was fun and I will definitely do swaps again!!! And for those of you who think you are never ever getting your tea-towels that you won, from us. Let me just say: They are ticked off the to-do list and finally on the way to you. They were waiting at our front door for so long that they became part of the landscape – deep and groveling apologies. They are finally on their merry way! I couldn’t decide if I should post a spoiler picture or not – but I think I will wait a while and give you a chance to get them first!

That’s it – Have a good day!

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