Saturday Spot: Se7en go to Satori’s in Kalk Bay…

I know, I know we cannot keep away from Kalk Bay! So for the end of the month Friday night treat we went to Satori’s in Kalk bay. And it was great but let me warn you, you to have to book! Last month we didn’t book and we were turned away… and this month we booked and watched as heaps of folk were turned away. They are so polite and have such finesse that you almost feel as if you have eaten there even though you are being turned away. If you want to eat there you have to book it is that simple!


The atmosphere is colorful and Mediterranean with no hint of fast food in sight – lovely!!! Totally relaxed and casual, we felt totally at home.


And here is my great tip… if you want heaps of service book early, we booked for six p.m. and there were no other patrons… very civilized, every time we breathed a waiter was at our elbow! You can take a peak at the menu here. We chose a starter: flat bread and salad.


And everyone chose a pizza – we carefully chose huge ones so that we could take them home and have them for lunch the next day!


While we waited for our pizza’s two Hoods discovered the pizza oven and this led to lots of curiosity and discussion!!!

And here we go… se7en pizzas.


Otherwise their bathroom is impeccable and I can tell you this because on this night everybody wanted to try out the rest room while we were there. It was a bit like the long walk to freedom. There and back, there and back and repeat… Patience mother person!

And once we had explored the entire venue we went on to dessert… se7en Belgian chocolate ice-creams, se7en happy hoods!!!


And a latte for the mother person:


We left in the dark – an outing at night is always heaps of fun! Just as the crowds were beginning to arrive. We were all said and done by 7:30 and home and in bed at a reasonable hour. Perfect outing! Everybody content, no dishes to do and lunch the next day was sorted out too!!!


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