Styrofoam Stamp An Animal Parade in Se7en Steps…

I see so many people doing lovely stamping around the blogosphere, mostly with erasers and they are so divine! Have a look at Geninne’s Art Blog it is totally stunning and far and away the best eraser stamp tutorial I have found!!! Trust me scroll all the way down and look at it, you will feel creative just letting your eyes rest on it, you don’t actually have to do anything just appreciate it!


My only trouble with eraser printing is, I could never leave my kids free to play with those tools. I am pretty relaxed but no, I can see mortal injuries and slip ups. I would definitely have to budget for Band Aids, which I never really bother to buy at all. Certainly my kids would never ever settle for me doing the carving for them – NEVER! So we decided to try Styrofoam printing and they turned out fantastically!!! This is one of those life-skill crafts that we will use again and again – easy to do with a bunch of any age kids, any skilled kids – not to mention any theme will do: If you can draw it then you can print it.

Let’s Meet The Players:


  • Styrofoam trays.
  • Pencils – not too sharp, not too blunt.
  • Paint for printing.
  • Paper – lots of it!

Let’s Play the Game:


Step 1: We collected some styrofoam trays over time and I cut them down to a manageable size.


Step 2: Using regular pencils and the smooth side of the tray we had a drawing frenzy, mostly an animal parade. If the pencils are too sharp they just break, and stubs aren’t great either – really a regular pencil is just right.


Step 3: Then out with the paints…



Step 4: Paint over the styrofoam stamps, definitely a case of the less paint the better. You can paint anyway you like, in patterns, stripes whatever….


Step 5: Place your paper over your painted stamp and gently rub it.



Step 6: Carefully peel your paper off your stamp.


Step 7: That’s it… Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This is great fun and you will want to print hundreds of these pictures out!!!


Oh I can see these working out for endless projects:

Fabulous Fun!

6 Replies to “Styrofoam Stamp An Animal Parade in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hi E, Really easy and available… all I had to think about was gathering the trays! There was sufficient refined-ness for the refined and mess for the messy!!! Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Sooooo cute.
    I’ve seen stamps out of styrene before, and now I’m reminded how very cute they are!
    I’ll put these on my “possibilities” list in my head. 🙂

  3. Hi S, I think your guys might go for this! Mine sure did, it was long afternoon of total silence and spattering!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

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