Where the Wild Things Are Party in Se7en Steps…

We recently had a “Where the Wild things Are” Party… We love this book and we have blogged about it many times before! Book parties are always good and when someone has a “Best Book” it makes for a great party!



Anyway a particular wild thing turned three and we needed to celebrate!


Following the outline of se7en steps to a great party on our practical party page lets get going (If you need details on how to do something then follow the link for that particular step):

Step 1: Invitation: I love personalized invitations, but that doesn’t mean that they have to take years off my life!!! I printed out an activity sheet here and a book cover off google images. Cut. Cut. Snip. Snip. Done.


Step 2: Party Starter: Obviously we read the story – more than a few times!!! And a little trick is replace the name in the book with the kidlet’s name – ooooh! (I do this with Fairy Tales as well and they love it!!!)


We could have made tents, we could have made crowns, but we built a boat out of a box so that Hood #6 and friends could “sail away through night and day and in and out of weeks…”



Step 3: Party Games: This party cries out for musical chairs (just make leaves, giant leaves out of newspaper and play musical forest leaves). You could also make a maze of streamers round your home or garden (call them forest vines) for them to sort themselves through.


We had a wild rumpus, with wild roars and gnashing of teeth and terrible claws…


Step 4: Party Craft: You can find heaps of crafts in our Where the Wild Things Are – Round-up.


We made: Terrible Yellow Eyes…


But we could have made: Wild Thing Articulated Beasts.


Or we could have made: Wild Thing Shadow Puppets.

Step 5: Party Pinata: Since our party was in the middle of two weeks of rain there was no chance of drying out a pinata, I needed an instant idea and made mini-pinata’s out of newspaper… Drew the outline on a piece of folded newspaper. Popped a surprise in the center and used glue stick round the edges. Sealed them shut and we were good to go.


Step 6: Party Food: After romping around they made mini pizza’s: wild thing faces, to munch on. And for the cake I know you can get brilliant wild thing cakes ideas on the web, but I needed something instant and I am no Bakerella! So crowns it was… Baked some cupcakes, iced them pink – of course, cut a wafer biscuit into triangles and place them round the cupcake. The most wild thing’s crown, wallah!




Step 7: Treasure Hunt: Finally we had our treasure hunt and quite frankly: a forest grew and grew until the garden was hung with vines. There was a mad dash… and we were done.


That’s it – quick and easy… Have Fun!

23 Replies to “Where the Wild Things Are Party in Se7en Steps…”

  1. What a wonderful party! I loved all your planning ideas, and they were so timely because we have a party to plan for our September birthday girl. I suspect that 15 years will be a bit different than 3 years, but the principles are the same. Thanks!

  2. Hi B, Yup my oldest will soon be twelve and I sense a switch in party strategy looming – I have visions of things being more sedate. Wahahaha!!! We had the youth group from church round a couple of times and I think I can safely toss sedate out the window!!! Glad you liked our party, have a fabulous day!

  3. What a wonderful party you all had. Looks like you’ve got the children totally captivated around the table at storytime! Lovey!

  4. Hi J, You are so right it would make a fabulous unit study – we are just always so quick to turn things into a party!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. Hi J, again! I have a feeling you should be whipping up a batch cup-cakes – just because you can!!! Glad you like the party… I have a couple lined up in the running!

  6. wow! you should write a children’s party book… you have so many wonderful ideas. i’ve posted about this one on my blog (w/credits and link.) thanks again for sharing your creativity 🙂

  7. Hi E, Thanks so much for linking us! Glad you like our party fun! You have a lot of cute goodies on your site at the moment, loved the spider web pizza’s! Have a great day!!!

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