Saturday Spot: The Beach Walk…

So last week in the Saturday Spot I posted about the The Baby Basket and Se7en Pre-Baby Traditions… And one of our traditions is a long walk on the beach…



So off my family took me… the great mother person and family headed down to the beach for a tramp.

I love the seasonal-ness of the beach, sometimes it is just sandy, sometimes it is covered in kelp and today there were sea-shells and treasures as far as the eye could see.


And lots of little treasures were gathered to show the imminent little hood…


Lots of dashing about and splashing about and all sorts of projects…


Not so much for me – I wasn’t dashing and splashing rather just staggering along and taking photographs of my favorite people in the world:




The intention was that all the little hoods would get home totally exhausted and fresh air fatigued. Actually I got home totally exhausted and fresh air fatigued. And a lovely quiet evening was had by all of us!

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  1. What a beautiful day. What a beautiful family! I swung by to thank you for the comment you left on my post, How You Should Treat My Child With Special Needs, over at PhD in Parenting. I really appreciated it!

    Goodness, seven. Plenty of days, I can barely handle two!

  2. Hi E, Thanks for stopping by! Your post was fabulous, folk are theoretically very understanding but practically not quite so!!! I think parents of kids with bigger than average problems need far more support and encouragement than they get – it is sad times when folk are happy to talk about a child’s problems for hours but there isn’t time for a little practical support and encouragement for their parents… Strength to you! You are doing a great job with that happy looking guy!

  3. we are so jealous of your day at the beach — it looks so wonderfully marvelous!! — come to think about it my children have never been to the ocean

    the closet ‘beach’ is about 2 hours and that is lake Michigan, an actual ocean is a 2 day’s drive or more!

    we have a small county pond close by but no shells like you have – but lots of fun none the less – with splashing and swimming and little fish to try and catch

    enjoy your week, hope it is blessedly eventful 🙂

  4. Hi G, Nice to hear from you again! So glad you liked our beach outing!!! I cannot imagine life without a beach nearby. I have always lived within a stones throw away from the ocean. In fact we are so spoilt we can go to the beach for a quick walk or a whole day or just a swim after supper in mid-summer, really we are very blessed. Hope you guys have a fabulous week together.

  5. What an amazing day you all had. It must be such a joy to be so close to the ocean. We live in Wyoming but will be in Hawaii for two weeks in November and plan on spending most of our days down on the beach. Can’t wait! lol.

    I really like coming to your blog. I enjoy seeing what you all are up to each week and learning more about various topics like homeschooling and, well, how one does things with a large family since we plan on having at least 5 if we are able.

    The very best of luck to you with the upcoming birth of you newest little blessing.

  6. Hi S, I am so glad you enjoy stopping by our blog! Wow, two weeks in Hawaii sounds awesome!!! Thanks for your good wishes! Have a good week!!!

  7. Hi there H, Glad I could move you!!! Great to hear from you and I am so glad you managed to get “se7en” back from the depths of the internet pit!!! Lots of love right back to you guys too!!!

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