The Week That Was – 2.12

So here we are – another cold and wet week…


And the Hoods kept very busy while I waited for #8 and waited and then waited a bit more – this kid has a mind of its very own.

So we celebrated Chocolate milkshake day…


Some enjoyed this first time delight with great gusto!


Some of us practiced our Pakour… Remember start them young this could be the new golf (Oh please let it be the new golf!)!!!




And otherwise did some frantic playing…


There were a few life lessons: How to chop an onion in Se7en steps…


And same old school:


This is my favorite little offering, next to my lap top, this week – especially since it came with such a cute package…


And we don’t have a book of the week we have an author: Enid Blyton has been discovered by Hood #3… a girl after my own heart – I spent years of my life reading through the Secret Se7en and the Famous Five, not to mention The Folk of the Faraway Tree, The Wishing Chair again and again!!! And we have a supplier – thanks to a Granny that has never discarded anything in her life!!!


So, this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Had his usual Lego challenge.


Hood #2: Did the gloop thing… boy does he love mixing and concocting…


Hood #3: As I said she discovered Enid Blyton, and if you have ever read Enid Blyton you would know that all the kids in her books went to boarding school and met up in the school holidays. Needless to say, apart from reading and reading and reading Hood #3 has only budged to pack everyone off to boarding school – someone really has to be in charge around here.


Hood #4: Held a church service. He even had a member of the congregation join him for the reading…


He was also up first and ready for action: Some would say “to infinity and beyond” – but I think he was rather heading for porridge and “to breakfast and beyond.”


Hood #5: Had a fight with the drain cover – the drain cover won! Of course we would never have thought to have a single band-aid in the house. So he got a real bandage and boy did he feel grown-up!!!


Hood #6: Well it was the week for haircuts – yet again. And of course it was pouring because every time we go out it rains… and Hood #8 has a habit of hooting all the way – being in very close proximity to the steering wheel!!! Of all the Hoods, Hood #6 loves the pampering the most:


Our hairdresser has moved to a fabulous set-up – and we had a brilliant morning – off school!!! Yes it does take a whole morning and a very patient hairdresser to give everyone the chop. And we were rewarded with a wander through the garden. Have you ever seen a magnificent garden like this in your life – we have been talking about these fish and the jungle ever since!!!


Hood #7: Got up to as much mischief as usual, only she was caught in the act, of stealing her big sister’s eraser that looks like a lipstick!!! Oh the drama!!! Oh the action!!! How on earth do they know about these things when they are so little. It is not like they have ever see me in lipstick – ever!!!


She also went to great lengths to find some peace… but it is a hard call – Do I take a nap or listen to a good story – oh! Decisions! Decisions!


Hood #8: Well folks this would be number eight. This is a view of my feet for the last number of months – yup – I’m footless!!! And that is the jolly green shirt than I have worn for so long that it may be attached to me forever. Oh I long for any other color!!!


Anyway this is how the Se7en stats stand so far:

Four Boys / Three Girls…

and here is the pattern…

boy – boy – girl – boy – boy – girl – girl…

So now your guess is as good as mine…

Here are the hoods votes…

5 say girl, one says an emphatic boy and one hood is on the fence.

Now it’s your turn… Just for fun – what’s on the way?

That’s us – Have a Good Week!!!

21 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.12”

  1. The symmetry in me says girl, but actually I think its really going to be a boy… Why I am even commenting I don’t know – cos how would we even know???!!!!

  2. I vote for a girl!~
    I adore your blog by the way!
    You are an amazing wife, mother, teacher….

  3. My husband’s family introduced me to Enid Blyton’s “Noddy” books, but I didn’t think to look for other books by her.

    Oh, and my guess is girl.

    I keep checking your blog for word of a waffle party!

  4. Hi L, Noddy never grabbed me! But her chapter books are fabulous and can really get a new reader totally hooked… Kids do go on to other books but I am just thrilled for them to sit for a spell with their noses in series after series of books. Typically they go on to expect a book to hook them!!! Trust me, no one is looking forward to the waffle party as much as I am!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  5. Hay M. A box is one thing… we are talking about a massive crate of Enid Blytons over here… but it is very peaceful in our house, as certain hoods are sending up silent “Read, read, read” signals !!!

  6. Girl! Your chemistry seems on track with that formula. We’re into ‘Mr Twiddle’ – he seems a hit.

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