Sunday Snippet: A Massive Giveaway Winner…

Last Sunday I posted our Sunday Snippet: A Massive GiveAway… and promised the winners by today.

Have a look at all the books waiting for you:


The winners were carefully selected, as usual, by Hood #6, who has no bias or leaning towards letters or numbers and so no preference for any of you!!!

Firstly thank-you so much to all of you who entered. And thanks again to Christian Book Distributors for giving us yet more books.


And back to choosing the winners… and did we had a heap of you to choose from!!! Fantastic that so many of you entered!!! You set us up with quite a project:


We wrote out the numbers, then snipped them up, and shuffled them around…


They were quite out of control! So we put them all in a bowl.


We needed a way that was a little bit tricky to pick our ten winners and out came the kitchen tongs.


And out came the winners: We picked and picked and picked…


And then we made them a bit neater… neatness is important you know!!!



Well done little Hood #6 on a job well done…


So here are the winners:

  1. Comment #5: michelle – congratulations on 550 posts! cant wait to hear news of #8
  2. Comment #8: Beth – This looks great! I would love to read those books! Congrats on your first wonderful year of blogging! Keep going! I adore your blog!!
  3. Comment #9: Mumsy – Both these look like great books.
  4. Comment #12: LindaOz – What can I say? Would love to win these books. And I have some kids that would like to read them too. Linda
  5. Comment #14: Hazel – Oh wow, 550 posts! Well done! And what a great way to celebrate – with a great giveaway! Here’s to the next 550!! Keep ‘em coming! Looks like Baby Hood’s making his momma sweat a little? Hang in there!
  6. Comment #19: Kate – Happy birthday!! Silly way to enter a competition, I know, but I hope you’ve had a great day!
  7. Comment #23: Lauren – woohoo! congrats on the 550th post! thats amazing! please count me in on the give-away!
  8. Comment #27: La Donna – I would love to win these books!!!
  9. Comment #28: Denise – These books look wonderful! Since we live in a non English speaking country, getting new books is sometimes hard. I would love to win, but know whoever does will enjoy these books greatly!!
  10. Commment #32: William – 550 posts is incredible – I still struggle to find the discipline and time to manage over 20 (by the way, pick me, pick me).

Here are your packages packed and ready to post, just call it the efficiency of a well-nested mother!!!!


Congratulations as soon as I have your addresses I will post them on to you…

That’s it, don’t forget to come back for our next brilliant GiveAway…

11 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: A Massive Giveaway Winner…”

  1. Wow, how exciting! Thanks so much! We missed you this weekend! Looking forward to hearing the big news!

  2. Hay K!!! Congrats… We wished we could have been away too – you have no idea how much!!! Enjoy your prize it’s on the way…

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I NEVER win anything! By the way, every time I think there’ll probably be no blog today because she’s probably gone into labour, Hood #8 proves me wrong!

  4. Happy belated Birthday Wishes…
    Just logged in to see if Hood 8 had arrived. I can see not yet. Praying for you and your baby and for a quick and safe delivery…

  5. I am so excited to have won!! Thanks so much. I will let you know how long it takes to get to this side of the world!

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