This Week (28 September) At Se7en…

Can you believe that September is nearly over… Another week with a whole lot of new days to celebrate. And a new month is almost upon us, here are the calendars for October:

I had this idea that if I took a day off blogging and just chilled out with the kids that #8 would feel most welcome and leap out… No such luck and we continue to wait in anticipation for this little one, that doesn’t feel quite so little at the moment!!!

So here are this weeks links a day late, have fun!!!

So if you are celebrating something this week or have blogged a celebration let us know in the comments… link or comment away.

That’s Us – Have a Great Week!!!

4 Replies to “This Week (28 September) At Se7en…”

  1. I thought…when there was no update from you…that 8 was announcing his/herself. Obviously not. ‘Take heart’ as your little widget on the side says!
    PS Were tomatoes considered unsafe then?? One of my kids would be delighted if they were declared inedible!

  2. Hi H, I thought if I left it long enough #8 would arrive – wrong again!!!… Needless to say a quick read of the tomato links and you will discover that Europeans were indeed very suspicious of the brightly colored items and labeled them as highly poisonous and only when some chap ate a whole heap of them and didn’t die on the spot did they change their minds!!!

  3. We are anxiously awaiting our #4 (though I would have loved to have had lots more). We’re due Sunday. So we’re hanging in there together! 🙂 I don’t ever remember being so ready to get the whole birth thing over with though. 🙂 Keeping you in our prayers for a good homebirth.

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