Introducing Hood #8…

He has arrived

A couple of pics to introduce Hood #8: He arrived safely and soundly this evening, between supper and storytime… 4.5 kg(10 pounds). We are all elated!!!


He is Admired


He is Beautiful


He is Cute


Enough said!!! More tomorrow!

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  1. Wow!! I am first to say congrats to you and your family on your newest blessing! I have been following for the past few months and must say I adore your family and blog! He is just beautiful, it makes me want to have another one! I have 3 children, 2 were born at home here in Virginia, and I homeschool, a 9 year old , almost 6 year old, and a 13 month old. I am so elated for you all!

  2. best wishes for you and the new baby!
    he really is beautiful!
    i’ve been reading you blog for a while now and i love it! you’re so creative and inspiring – i just wonder every time how you do it all…

  3. WOOT!!!! and YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    He looks gorgeous, how wonderful for all of you. Looks like things went well, I was praying for you.


  4. CONGRATS!! Just a few hours after I saw you! So glad all is well. He is beautiful! Hope you get some rest…

  5. Oh, I’m so happy happy happy for you guys! Congratulations – he is so beautiful, and I know you are a blessed and tired mama! Although I never looked as good as you after giving birth… 🙂 Congrats again from Texas!

    Well done and congratulations and salutations…he truly is so so beautiful and has brought a tear to my eyes. You are so blessed, so lucky….enjoy him. What a prince. Welcome little one, we bless you and speak blessing and life and health and peace over you in Jesus name! Love Tammy

  7. Oh, Se7en, he is beautiful!! Praise the Lord for keeping you through this 9months and blessing you and your family with a healthy boy! It is our prayer that he will do mighty things for the Glory of the Lord – exactly what he was created for!
    Enjoy the first day with your fresh, new baby! It is always the most precious time for me.
    Lots of love

  8. Congratulations to you and your family. A precious bundle born to a good family who will love and nurture him!

  9. ohhhhhhh YES!!! Hip Hip HOORAY for Hood number 8… A HUGE–HEARTFELT–HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t stop smiling for YOU all!!!!!!

    It looks like you had a spectacular and beautiful birth… I can’t wait to hear all about the details.

    Hope you ALL ENJOY your 10 lbs of sweet baby BLISS!

  10. I am coming out of my lurking place to say, “Congratulations to you all!” He is lovely (of course). I look forward to reading of his many wonderful adventures in times to come.

  11. OH!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. You look beautiful too. 🙂

    Enjoy the special time!

    P.S. What a punctual little guy!

  12. Congratulations! What a treasure! Looks like you have may have a new hair combination: dark and wavy! Enjoy him and have some rest!

  13. Wow! He is so precious! Way to go Mom and Dad! Have fun getting to know your newest blessing. 🙂

  14. oh how lovely, welcome little boy. he is beautiful! isnt god great to give us such wonderful gifts.
    enjoy him:)

  15. Lots of oohs and aahs from all the girls here! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you Lord for a safe delivery and may you and your family treasure these next few days together!

  16. Congratulations!! So I would have won the date-prediction contest!! 29/09/2009:)
    He is gorgeous.

  17. Congratulations, he looks adorable! Thanks for sharing with such lovely photos. Look forward to meeting him.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS im so pleased that he arrived safe and sound you are truly blessed xx now get some rest hee hee

  19. Oh YAY! He is beautiful. My ten pounder is two tomorrow, I’m getting all weepy and nostalgic. My youngest was an itty bitty 8’9″, not quite so many chins to tickle!

  20. Congratulations! You both look great! What a beautiful little baby. I am sure your house is buzzing with excitement!

  21. Wow!!!!! That’s wonderful. Congratulations to you all. Isn’t our God amazing who created such beautiful little beings. Enjoy this time.

  22. Congrats, he looks so gorgeous – definitely one of the best looking newborns I have seen 😮 And you also look very good after just giving birth.

  23. I’m so happy for you! He’s absolutely gorgeous, and you look wonderful, Mother Person! #8 is exactly 2 months younger than our little one!

  24. Congrats, nothing like the joy and dew of a newborn!
    We have 5 daughters – want to shidduch?? Joke!

  25. Wowwwee!! He is so gorgeous ! Have been waiting with abated breath for this little guy to arrive, I must have checked ten times a day over the last week! Enjoy these precious first days, and congrats to SE7EN on their beautiful little brother! Kerry x

  26. Congratulations! Such a handsome young man to add to a handsome brood! I hope you enjoy a wonderful babymoon.

  27. That is so awesome! You look great for jsut having a baby! Congratulations Hood family! Welcome to the world little Hood #8. I have to say, it is pretty awesome here you are just had a baby, and took time to blog and share! Thats awesome! Well good luck with him!

  28. Praise God! How kind and good our God is.
    So thankful and happy for you guys.
    Welcome “he” to our world. We pray that you will settle in nicely, bring great joy to your family and very soon get to know more about Him who made you and this beautfiul world you live in:)



    Im excited to see what life is like for you with a newborn and how you keep up with daily things! 😀 (Or if everyone is just on a really lax schedule for several weeks. :giggle )

  30. congrats congrats congrats. I know he will bring you alot of joy.

    Must just say: I only read your blog on weekends. Saturday morning with my first cup of coffee to be exact. but the last 2 weeks, it is the first webpage I visit when switching my PC on. for the last 2 days I couldn’t log on, because we had a hale storm and we didn’t have internet. I couldn’t wait to see your little one.

    And congrats to all the big brothers and sisters. and the dad of course….

  31. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so glad he is finally here. Ah, he really is beautiful. And you don’t look to bad yourself 😉 I hoped for a boy for you, so I am extra pleased.

  32. Wow! Congratulations on your sweet new baby boy!

    I love how he showed up after dinner, before storytime. That’s too cute. He got to BE the story, didn’t he?

    🙂 He is adorable!

  33. after watching and waiting… i missed it!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! he is beautiful! what a beautiful big BOY!
    thank-you Lord for this beautiful boy, and keeping his mother safe and healthy through the birth!

  34. Well, I’m happy to be wrong- he’s absolutely beautiful- you were just meant to have another boy.

  35. A bit late, but Congrats! Lady, you are an inspiartion. We just found out we’re expecting number 4 and I thought, ‘Can i really do this AGAIN?’ But you and yours are a picture of hope and blessing. Keep doing what you do.

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