A Mother’s Almanac – Se7en of the Best Cookie Recipes…

Would you believe today is Homemade Cookie Day!!! And my very un-demanding children (really they are!)… are bouncing around deciding what cookies need to be baked… Maybe tomorrow guys!

But I haven’t posted a Mother’s Almanac post for so long that I thought I would gather a collection of Se7en of our best Cookie recipes and then your kids can do the same as mine… If you are just looking for a basic cookie dough to decorate then follow the link to our basic cookie recipe.

Otherwise here are Se7en brilliant cookie recipes we have posted int he last year. Hope enjoy them!!!


  1. Basic Window Cookies in Se7en Steps: These are called baby biscuits in our house and there is a lot of chomping at the bit around here to make these… I may well have to do something!!!
  2. DSC00737

  3. Brilliant Basic Butter Cookies: These are cookies that you can use for adults and kids alike. They are like buttery shortbread and the chocolate makes them more-ish!!! Adults love these, they are VERY FINE with coffee and kids love them because they are – very likeable!!!
  4. DSC03249.JPG

  5. Astonishing Cookies in Se7en Steps: What can I say… drop a small spoon of dough on the baking tray and it morphs into these gigantic delicious cookies – astonishing winners!
  6. DSC05771.JPG

  7. Fortune Cookies in Se7en Steps: These are so quick and easy and just such a fun surprise. Not to mention how pretty they are.
  8. DSC04376

  9. Melted Chocolate Centered Cookies in Se7en Steps: I don’t have to say anything about these, except they are very satisfying!!!
  10. DSC04600

  11. Snickerdoodles in Se7en Steps: These are our latest favorites… fun for everyone. I have to make a double batch and one batch gets inhaled as it is rolled in the cinnamon sugar long before it gets near the oven.
  12. DSC04672.JPG

  13. Clearly Christmas Spicy Christmas Cookies: Sometimes you just need to make a bazillion spicy cookies and this is the recipe you need… Great for an enormous decorating event with the kids… trust me these are fun and a batch makes heaps and heaps.

That’s it… Happy Baking…

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  1. Hi H, Well spotted on the tag line… since not a whole lot of blog updating is going on. Yup, I thought the whole world needed a baking assignment!!! Have a great weekend!

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