Where The Wild Things Are – Se7en Build Forts…

If you follow our blog you may know that we are a little bit mad about “Where the Wild Things Are”…

With Crafty Round-ups and Parties…


Look what we found on the internet this week… Where The Wild Things Are Fort Contest. Our intrepid architect, Hood #1, took the project to task and this is what he came up with…

  • He doodled:

    wild thing009

  • He built one:


  • He designed one and then constructed it:

    wild thing010




  • But I think my favorite one was the miniature one:



Go on go and build some forts and have some fun!

9 Replies to “Where The Wild Things Are – Se7en Build Forts…”

  1. WOW! Your kids take after you— creative in every way, shape, and FORM! That miniature and the elaborate FORT—-amazing.

    We are pretty fond of Max around here too… :):)

  2. I finally got caught up to this post. The outdoor forts are marvelous. But I LOVE the first fort drawing. So clever! I am dying for an explanation of the bottom part with something large balanced on a point and held by that rope. Does Hood #1 have a moment to elaborate on his design? : )

  3. Hi K, He spends hours drawing millions of these little tiny intricate drawings full of impossible details!!! It is one of his passions, he literally fills up page after page and notebook after notebook!!! Anyway upon enquiry… The ladder is for climbing down to a platform… and the heavy object is a telescope. That is stabilized by the rope and you can spin it around on the point!!! All I needed to do was ask!!! You have a good day.

  4. A brilliant design. I would love to spend a day in his fort. : ) What a great hobby. Who knows what use he will put that talent to one day- isn’t that exciting!

  5. Hi K-R, Glad you liked it!!! Like any mother I think what on earth are we going to do with se7en bazillion little pen and ink drawings – thanks for seeing the potential!!! Have a Great Weekend!

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