We’ve been Gifted…

I know, I know… I did say I love Crayola crayons and guess what someone was listening!!! We were gifted this week with a real live package all the way from America, for Hood #8… Thank-you K-M, you are a star!!!

And you haven’t seen him in a day or two so here he is:


Just look at this!!! His very first soft toy!!! To die for!!! And some sweet blankets…


But that wasn’t all… she sent something for everyone: Now all the Hoods have their own box of crayons – for everyone, how cool is that…


They look so good:


They smell so good – hmmmmm:


So everyone drew a Wild Thing:

One was cuddly:


One was skinny:


One was “pretty”:


One was well-trained!:


One was really hairy:


One was pink:


One was distracted!!!


Really Thanks K-M for the wonderful package!!!


Otherwise I wanted to say thank-you to all of you for the fabulous response to our postcard swap… We will be working on our postcards this week and we will post them next week. We will let you now when they are on the way!

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  1. Hood 8 is so cute and all the kids creations are wonderful. Crayola is also my favourite. I have to hide it from my kids as well. I wish these were cheaper but it is ‘pure gold’ around for all our special creations. Missed the postcard exchange but I guess a card from Jozi is nothing special. When you get a chance can you explain how you fit 2 LA’s in Core 1 and Core 2. God bless.

  2. Hi S, If only the rest of the world knew how privileged they are to have things like Crayola stores!!! I am working on another se7en homeschool questions post in the next week or two. Things like preparation and so on… and I will add your question to the pile!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  3. Hi se7en. I can see you are a might owl like me or maybe Hood 8 is keeping you awake. I really see you as a Sonlight organizational expert because your suggestions are so practical. I hope Sonlight gives you commission or someting. Although I had several friends that used it and raved about it I was so much against it as I view it very American until I camr across your site. Now Sonlight is the only Curr I want to use and cannot wait to start. I logged my details in their website through your site link so hope that works. Give Hood 8 a cuddle for me. Blessings for all your familly.

  4. Ooh S, I must add how to “South Africanize” Sonlight to the se7en question post – Thanks for reminding me! Off to Hood #8, You take care!

  5. I love all the Wild Things.

    I think I am the only person on Earth who DOESN’T like the smell of crayons, Crayola or any other brand. During one of my pregnancies, the smell made me feel very ill and I never recovered! 😛

    Hood #8 is supremely cute. Good golly.

  6. I wasn’t going to click thru from Bloglines for this post (just wasn’t relevant for us right now) but when I heard Hood No 8 was here too, I had to see. What a cutie!

  7. Hi G, I can’t believe you have time to comment… I really do hope you are all feeling better soon! Hmmm crayons bring back my entire childhood in an instant!!! Really just love the smell!!! And yeah these little guys are so cute when they are tiny!

  8. Hay Maya – I can’t believe you are stopping by!!! Great to hear from you again!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend together!!!

  9. I SOOOO love seeing the crayons in USE!!! Look at those drawings! WOW!!!! You are so welcome.

    And that baby photo— oh so lovely… you know I’m a sucker for sleeping baby pics… :):)

  10. Hi G, It sounds very peaceful over there… Funny how quiet everything can seem when everyone is sick!!! And things only start to go insane when certain energetic types get on the mend!!! Enjoy the quiet while it lasts, I really hope you are all up and about soon!!!

  11. Hi K-M, Lovely to hear from you!!! That was such a sweet baby you photographed this week!!! I can’t believe how quickly newborn flashes past. My goodness you wait and wait and wait for their arrival and then zoom it all dashes past! And I am hanging on for dear life to every moment with this sweet little guy!!! I hope you guys have a great week together!!!

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