Se7en Resolve to do More of the Same…

I am all for New Beginnings, the smell of a New Book, opening a fresh pack of crayons – hmmmmm. And, oh wow, the beginning of a school year with fresh books and new pencil case.


But there is a certain madness at this time of year as we spin out of the hectic time of Christmas to resolve to be better, to do more, to try harder, to aim higher. The lists of things we should have done from last year that hasn’t been touched since mid-January. So while we feel like we are starting on the back foot we add a whole new list of things we need to do this year. Talk about about pouring on the pressure.

We live in a crazy scheduled world and then we decide on good resolutions that will improve our lives. While there is a time for everything, a time to plot and plan and a time to just be. Generally the places where we try and self-improve the most are the areas that we feel we fail in the most. In fact, we are taking a very close look at the things we are getting so wrong and there in lies the problem. The culture of self-improvement is really a culture of looking at all the things we are getting wrong. There is nothing wrong with having a look at areas where we are failing but…


This is a typical case of not practicing what we preach – we are always motivating our kids by saying how great they are. And then we knock ourselves down and say: “Improve. Improve.” How many articles have been written about how stressed our kids are, how much they have to achieve. Well it’s genetic they get it from their parents – look at the lists we make of things to achieve in the next year. It is daunting, ridiculous even!!!

Maybe New Year wouldn’t be so gloomy, depressing even, if instead of focusing on all the things we are not doing, all things we haven’t achieved and looked at the things we are doing right and focusing on more of the same…


So I am intending to do more of the same this year, more hours doing “nothing.” Carefully scheduled and planned days of nothing. Time to fill with whatever arises. Time to wonder, time to dream, time to think. Time to play a game, time to read a book, time to try new things… whatever comes up. I don’t have a schedule, whatever happens. Indeed, “the more of the same” I am intending to do is nothing. Giving my kids “time to do nothing” is something I can do… without adding more pressure and more stress and more scheduling to our lives.

Have a look at the “More of the Same” you can be doing this year… think about it… You may not need quite as much self-improvement as you thought you did!!!

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20 Replies to “Se7en Resolve to do More of the Same…”

  1. This was a perfect read for me- just what I needed. I’m going to do more of the same dancing, playing, trying new recipes, watching my hour of mindless TV. I appreciate your insight on the way we constantly berate ourselves- yes, our children are watching. GREAT post 🙂

  2. Hay T, Thanks for stopping by… It took a while for me to figure this one out!!! Especially the whole way that resolutions focus so negatively on us and then we wonder why we don’t feel quite so good about getting going!!! I hope you have a fabulous year of doing more of the same!!!

  3. More time to do nothing is great. That’s something I think we could all use, especially our kids. Being over scheduled results in me yelling “hurry up” way too often. I don’t want my kids to grow up with a “hurry up” mentality. Thanks for the reminder to take some time to slow down and do nothing!

  4. Hay C, If I was half awake I would have posted this last week and saved you all the trouble!!! Have a great day!!!

  5. Hi D, It is a mad life when we have to schedule in “nothing” but if we don’t we forget how badly we need it!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. Oh, thank you soooo much. I really love your words. I am a strong believer in “nothing”.
    I just want my kids to be and not get stressed about… whatever can stress them out.
    Many thanks for this wonderful post!

    P.S. How’s that camera working for you?

  7. Hay V, Always lovely to hear from you!!! My camera is so much fun – why did no one ever tell me how much fun photography is!!! I am starting to use it more than the point and shoot in my pocket… and I have a free course on Saturday to attend – I have no idea how to do it with a babe in arms, but I am not leaving my little one for a day!!! Anyway I am sure I will learn tons, since I know absolutely nothing!!! I hope you are having photography fun too!!! Have a good week!!!

  8. Thank You for this. I’ve never done the New Year’s Resolution thing but my husband likes to so we compromise and I support him in his and we do general family goals. He’s itching to have that session. You have given me an excellent starting point: What was great about last year? And what would we like to do more of?

  9. Hi O, Glad you like it!!! It is always good to get to a meeting with your own plan in hand, glad I could help!!! Have a great week end!!!

  10. This post was certainly an inspiration! In fact you and your family often are, so thank you. It’s so easy to focus on what isn’t getting done/improving how you’d like it to be, but surely those things are more likely to develop in a positive environment. So here’s to acknowledging and continuing the good stuff!

  11. Thanks K, I am so glad you liked it and took the time to say thank-you!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  12. I love this post! I think a list of things I did well last year would be the kind of boost I could use about now.

    Btw, when the grey winter landscape gets to be too much – your blog is a great place to go for photos with lots of color.

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