Happy Birthday Hood #7…

Yup the owner of these shoes is two today…


To my absolute favorite two year old in the whole wide world: Happy Birthday!!!


Lover of the great outdoors…


Lover of a very particular frog…


Lover of books…


Keep on smiling…


We hope being two is great for you!!!

13 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #7…”

  1. Happy happy birthday SWEETIE PIE! What glorious pictures and amazing memories of those first two years… I loved the look back at her sweetness… really heartfelt and gorgeous shots!!

    She had some serious IRRISSITIBLE sweet cheeks like number 7+1.

  2. Hi K-M… Funny thing is in all the photos I couldn’t find one without a happy little smile!!! She really is the happiest little low maintenance creature on earth!!! I think two is really going to be fun as she masters and explores new things!!!

  3. Hay Aunty Muffin, Nice to hear from you… Birthdays are a lot more fun when you are in town!!! Lots of love to you all!!!

  4. I’m with you G, they are so cute and learning all sorts of wonderful stuff – totally cool!!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!!

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