Happy Birthday Hood #7…

Yup the owner of these shoes is two today…


To my absolute favorite two year old in the whole wide world: Happy Birthday!!!


Lover of the great outdoors…


Lover of a very particular frog…


Lover of books…


Keep on smiling…


We hope being two is great for you!!!

13 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #7…”

  1. Happy happy birthday SWEETIE PIE! What glorious pictures and amazing memories of those first two years… I loved the look back at her sweetness… really heartfelt and gorgeous shots!!

    She had some serious IRRISSITIBLE sweet cheeks like number 7+1.

  2. Hi K-M… Funny thing is in all the photos I couldn’t find one without a happy little smile!!! She really is the happiest little low maintenance creature on earth!!! I think two is really going to be fun as she masters and explores new things!!!

  3. I’m with you G, they are so cute and learning all sorts of wonderful stuff – totally cool!!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!!

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