Se7en Make a Mini-World from Streamers and Acorns…

What happens when you leave a whole lot of bright and sparkly things, left over from your New Year Party, lying on your kitchen counter for a week or two…


And a couple of acorns after a trip to the country…


Well se7en made a miniature world of course! This is what you are aiming for:


Here you go:

Let’s start with some acorn people:

If you take the cap off your acorn you should be able to get your acorn to stand up on its flat base.


Give your acorn a face using markers or stickers…


And you can just put the caps onto the pointy end for hats…


And what about a Bay tree forest…


Nothing to explain really!!!


And some houses from streamers… pop an umbrella into the top for some festive fun and draw some windows and doors onto your streamer.


And Acorn Folk need Streamer Cars:


Begin with some stickers and pop them on around your streamer (if your streamer is starting to unravel use one of these sticker to stop it unraveling)… Gently push your streamer outwards. Stick on a wind-screen and pop a pin in for an arial.


You are good to go – literally!!!


Keep at it and you will have a traffic jam…


Finally they were done… but I think this is one of those projects that we will return to and add to!!!


Go and see what you have lying around to make your own miniature world. Have fun!

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  1. Hay S, Thanks for visiting us!!! So glad you stopped by… and glad you liked our teeny tiny world!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

  2. Hay Maggy…. So glad you like them… And thanks for linking us, I think maybe my links are too long or something, I just can’t always get it to work!!! So thanks you are such a star!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

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