Se7en have been boxed…

So we have been boxed… And if you aren’t a Sonlighter, that is someone who home schools using the Sonlight Curriculum, just trust me on this. To be boxed is a traditional Sonlight event… There is indeed a phrase: “To be boxed”… The day those boxes of school books arrive. The day your children should be lamenting and ripping their hair out in despair, because school is looming… Just look at this despair as they gather boxes from the car:

They lugged:


They hauled:


They laughed:


They balanced:


They dragged:


He watched:


They stacked:


They peeped:


They saw nothing!!!


And while I have always wanted to work for Sonlight, I have decided I don’t want to be on the receiving end of people trying to complete their complicated orders – some folk order school books for more than a couple of kids! I have decided I don’t want to work in their packaging department either. You should just see the brilliant packaging everything carefully wrapped in brown paper, theoretically to protect the contents – but I know it is really to thwart over eager students!!! Needless to say I will have to work in the “I am so happy that my kids are so excited about their schoolbooks arriving and that they really just can’t wait for school to begin” department!!!

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  1. I have quietly been following your blog for a few months now and it is always fun to come back and see what you and your family have been up to and how much your kids are growing for each time. You take the most amazing pictures and I hope that I too soon will at least remember to use my camera to capture my kids in their life before they are all grown up.

  2. Hi M, Thanks so much for stopping by, you made my day!!! I have always taken bazillions of photographs but blogging has made it more intentional!! Hope you have a lovely day!!!

  3. I love how excited your kiddos are about learning — and they are all so animated and cute. I’m sure it makes up for those days when nothing seems to go right.

  4. Hi C, My not so blogging friend who is so blogging!!! I can not imagine a time when we wouldn’t be having mega box days… Seriously as I hit enter I think oops forgot that, oops remember that next time… and so my list for the next year begins… Shipping costs are enormous and I am only prepared to donate half of our order again to an ocean liner that one time… no little packages!!! Who knows in ten years time when #8 will still be in grade 4 they will email the whole thing overnight…awful idea really!!! Have a good week and I look forward to one of your not blogging blogs!!!

  5. Hay KM, How are ya doing? Can you imagine a moment like the great unveiling going undocumented!!! Dream on… We have been inundated with guests and haven’t been able to open them – can you believe it!!! Maybe tomorrow!!!! Lots of love…

  6. wow!! I use sonlight too- this is my first year and I am really LOVING IT!!! The books are just soooo gooood!!! I didn’t know there was a term, “to be boxed,” but we were “boxed” around christmas and it was so fun. I am interested to see how you manage it with so many kids and different cores. It’s a little bit complicated for me just doing one core with my oldest and the little ones tag along for now until they’re school age. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more posts from you!

  7. Hey, I love this and hope one day to be able to order straight from Sonlight. The kids look like they are having a great time. But, one other thing that has nothing to do with homeschooling but, with your fence. What is it made out of? I can’t really tell but is it bamboo? Anyway very interested love it and very tidy bookshelves.

  8. Hi L, Luckily your homeschool grows with you and you don’t have to start schooling everyone on the same day…This is our eighth year with Sonlight… – wouldn’t change it for the world. In this house everyone tags after every one else’s school, the books are too good to miss!!! Feel free to ask questions every couple of weeks I answer any homeschool questions that arise… Have a good week!!!

  9. Hi J, Those fences!!! They are actually gum tree branches, rather than bamboo. You can buy the branches on the side of the road here, make a frame and nail the poles onto the frame, and you have a fence!!! Scroll down in this post to see more of the fence!!! And here is a link to a supplier. Hope this helps!!! Have a good week!!!

  10. Hi N, The excitement is high… Is today school? Is it school today? – No the mother person is catching up and trying find places and spaces around the house to pack everything in!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  11. I love your pictures. Your children look so excited and happy about their new books. I’m going to look into Sonlight. My oldest is only 3 but I’m starting to research homeschooling now. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi J, I spent the year when my oldest was about four visiting everyone we knew who home schooled… after looking at all the options and who was doing what… Sonlight was miles ahead our first choice and we have used it ever since, never looked back!!! The kids love it, I love it – I think I have learnt the most!!!! Anyway, hope you have a good week!!!

  13. Love, love, love this [smile]. Always happy to have another person in the “I am so happy that my kids are so excited about their schoolbooks arriving and that they really just can’t wait for school to begin” department [smile].


  14. Hay Luke!!! Glad you saw our “boxed” post!!! What can I say, Sonlight is so accommodating they even have job departments for every type of person – you could have just slotted me in the “general sweep, toilet cleaner and makes 30 meals a day category…” but that doesn’t say nearly as professional as my first job description!!!

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