Se7en’s School To do List…

So our school books arrived yesterday, which means that I have to start organizing at least se7en things things before we can get going again. I am good and ready I have pencils, though I think my kids eat them faster than beavers eat forests, they all wanted pens as well and glue sticks… so we should be good to go:


But no… Here’s the back to school TO DO list:

  1. Stationary and the Dresserdone it!
  2. Craft Materials and Science kits – done it!!!
  3. Books and the Book Nook
  4. Files and the Instructors Guides
  5. Electives and extra-murals – that all depends on our goal for the year – and I actually have one, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.
  6. Sorting out a vague schedule – school has to have limits otherwise we have an endless wander through our day… if everyone knows when we do what it is so much to keep us moving. I can only do this once I have decided what exactly we will be doing, once I have unpacked the boxes…
  7. The Lab – the room where we keep all our workbooks amidst the rest of the family dumping zone.

A couple of weeks ago I published my To Do List and I mentioned how terrified I am of the Lab!!! This is where we keep all our workbooks and miscellaneous (that word that holds so much in it) school goodies. Nothing has changed the room still fills me with fear… and I am leaving that till last – I know all professional organizers say do the worst thing first… in which case they should get over here and get doing it for me!!! I will stick to my 15 minutes a day and plod my way through it!!!

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4 Replies to “Se7en’s School To do List…”

  1. i will admit that in one of my frustrated fits when being asked for a pencil, by a child who had once again not put their pencil back in their drawer with their homework, I said: go look under the couch cushions there are lots there! and sadly there were.

    so now if you need a pencil in my house you are first told to go look under the cushions in the living room

  2. Hi G… Now that’s funny!!! I don’t think that the father person would be too impressed if any of us took a pencil near his couch!!! We do have teeny tiny bits of lego absolutely everywhere… EVERYWHERE!!! Have a good week!!!

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