Se7en Great Links I Will Use For School This Year…

I am in the last stages of getting ready for our first day back at school on Monday, and I tell you having a baby is easier than this!!! I know its hard to go from absolute freedom to back at work all in a day, trust me on this – I could so be on holiday forever… But we are keen to learn and read our new books and one person is chomping at the bit to get reading and another is dying to learn cursive – so all in all eager beavers…


I am in the home straight and browsing around for some links to inspire me and other short people when we get going. Our first day back is always hideous and I have learnt to not expect too much from it other than a tour of school with each kids explaining their schedule: “And then you get this book and you find that page in your folder and you answer these questions … and so on and on…” I find the more detailed I am on the first day, explaining my expectations, the better for all of us. Not just toss some answers on a page but to present their work with all your heart – it is their job after all!!!


Here’s our Back to School To Do list:

  1. Stationary and the Dresserdone it!
  2. Craft Materials and Science kits – done it!!!
  3. Books and the Book NookAlmost done it!
  4. Files and the Instructors Guides Done it, thanks to an extremely capable twelve year old!!!
  5. Electives and extra-murals – that all depends on our goal for the yearplotted and planned!!!
  6. Sorting out a vague schedule – I will be able to see finally on Monday, how long the “school tour” takes to figure out our new schedule…
  7. The Lab – the room where we keep all our workbooks amidst the rest of the family dumping zone – DONE IT!!!! Not perfect but good to go. We can see the floor, the books are on the shelves and we can find stuff!!! And you thought I was just blogging!!!

So here we go Se7en links we will be playing with on Monday and in the upcoming weeks…

  1. LearnOutLoud: Heaps of free podcasts and audiofiles. Tons and tons of good stuff!!!
  2. DSC_0969
  3. Wonderful Science Page from InstructorWeb: Packed with just about everything.
  4. DSC_0968
  5. Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary: This is so cool pick a topic and learn things you never knew existed!!!
  6. DSC_0967
  7. BBC Schools: There are so many fun things on this sight, for every subject. Things to pop on i-pods, games to play, notes to print… their BiteSize goodies are great and so is their news.
  8. DSC_0966
  9. Ministry to Children: Some brilliant ideas for Bible Study.
  10. DSC_0965
  11. Activity Village: Is great. Their list of topics covered is enormous and growing – you can find fabulous stuff on history and brilliant printables for keeping journals and inspiring writers of all abilities!!!
  12. DSC_0964
  13. Mr Donn: Gotta love this sight and all the resources for history and generally around the world goodies… I always get lost here – always!!!
  14. DSC_0963

That’s it!!! If you have some fabulous links to share that you and your kids love then go ahead pop them in the comments!!! And I will take you on a school tour once we get going…


I popped this post onto the Works For Me Wednesday Site – go and have a look there for all sorts of tips on absolutely anything.

8 Replies to “Se7en Great Links I Will Use For School This Year…”

  1. Hay Luke… Everyone is drooling and good to go!!! As usual this year looks better than the last… the science notes are so much better organized. My eldest is a bit miffed that he missed out on them, but I know he will love his when he gets going. Have a great day with your little girls!!!

  2. love your pictures with the books and kids in the boxes! amazing that you are doing this with SEVEN! I’m trying to just manage one Core and it’s kind of overwhelming! Keep posting, I’m interested to see how you do this! ūüôā

  3. Hi L, Only five of mine will be in school this year!!! Here is a post with our schedule from last year and this basically shows how we get multiple cores done. Don’t be overwhelmed!!! There was a time when I was homeschooling just one!!! IYou have a great week and please stop by and ask any questions you would like answered!!!

  4. Gracious, you are always busy, always moving forward!

    Please forgive me if I’ve missed this in a previous post, but do you have any links you recommend for early learning activities, activities for the little guys?


  5. Love the picture of a Hood with the Uncle Wigglys Story book – my son is smitten with Uncle Wiggly and if given a chance would have me reading it to him all day ūüėČ
    Thanks for all the wonderful info you take time to share – Enjoy the start of school!

  6. Hi S, They are dying for me to read Uncle Wiggley’s and just can’t wait for school to begin!!! Funny kids!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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