Wonderful Whimsical Wizadry Wands in Se7en Steps…

We have had a summer of reading and imaginary fun, everyone has been cutting branches off the hedge for making wands. Lets just say the hedge is looking a little gappy!!! We needed a solution and fast. I remembered that we made Hood #1 a wand for christmas last year… (scroll down the post). So here is an easier version. It is easy enough for even the shortest fairy to cope with and easy enough for an older magician to feel cool. This is what you are aiming for:


Let’s Meet The Players:

  • A sheet of paper
  • Cold/project glue
  • Paints – we used watercolors
  • Glitter glue.

Let’s Play the Game:

  1. Slightly water down your glue and paint your sheet of paper with it.
  2. DSC_0281DSC_0296

  3. Carefuly roll your paper into a thin tube. If you can manage it at a slight angle then you might have reached the ultimate cool wand shape!!!
  4. DSC_0289DSC_0288DSC_0290

  5. And we had a heap of potential wands waiting to dry. The glue makes them dry quite hard – it is just amazing what you can do with paper!!!
  6. DSC_0299DSC_0531

  7. Bring out the watercolors and paint away, but don’t make your paints too soggy – just wet enough to spread around.
  8. DSC_0535DSC_0536DSC_0537DSC_0538DSC_0539DSC_0540DSC_0541DSC_0542DSC_0544DSC_0545

  9. Leave them to dry completely.
  10. DSC_0547
  11. At this stage we needed pencil stands to hold our wands:
  12. DSC_0548DSC_0549

  13. And finally we dribbled glitter glue down and around our wands.
  14. DSC_0556


    And leave them to dry completely:


That’s it a couple of wands ready for some serious play!!! And a couple of extra’s tossed in because they will make great gifts for a couple of birthdays that are coming up!!!


That’s it – Have a fun weekend!!!

Our next post is Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Friday… come and visit!!!

9 Replies to “Wonderful Whimsical Wizadry Wands in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hay KM, So glad you like them!!! You won’t believe how easy these are, and strong, just out of paper!!! I hope you guys are starting to thaw and have a fabulous weekend together!!!

  2. Oh my, what fantastically wizardy wands. I love love love! And they just sum up all your wonderful wonderful crafts!!!

    Thanks again for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  3. Thanks Maggy, So glad you like them… My kids love and adore them!!! And they really are quite strong… I think the glue firms them up really well. Hope you have a brilliant weekend!!!

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