The Week that Was – 2.38

It is still sunny, but let’s just say the stuffing has been knocked out of summer! The days are shorter and it is dark when the kids go to bed – and they cannot see me sneaking off to blog!!! Also even though it is hot when you move around it is indeed a whole lot cooler, I know because our afternoon swim has become a whole lot quicker!!!


The most obvious thing about our week: Se7en are back in school – and loving it!!! Wouldn’t you like to wake up to a table stacked with fresh new books…


There were strange head dresses!!!


There were friends coming over for dinner and books:


There was a wild girls-only marble event:


There was architecture…


There were stories…


There were repairs to the bench (at last!) and a new spot to catch up with each other and share a snack…


There was weaving and arting:


And generalized crafting…


There is an obvious reason for our book of the week, this book was read to me about a million years ago, gotta love it!!!



Anyway this is what the Hoods got up to this week:

Hood #1: Just loved his new pile of books!!! And even took on his math with a skip and a jump – long may it last!!!


Hood #2: More school and some sort of triple story swinging bunk bed was constructed… I am so glad they used their little sister’s baby dolls rather than their little sisters as potential “victims.”


Hood #3: Has taken on kitchen duty and all salad preparation is hers… and she got stuck into school…


Hood #4: Discovered that an entire weeks schooling cannot be done in fifteen minutes anymore… and he built a Zoobartment block…


Hood #5: Spent ages drawing chili’s for his outside arting… practice for his cook book one day!!!


Hood #6: Is up and ready for school first every morning… done five minutes later – “That was a good days work.” !!!


Hood #7: Ponders her new found freedom, now that almost everyone else is busy with school!!!


Hood #8: Has taken over the father person’s seat and let’s face it: “The Multi-Chinned Advisor is in…”



That’s us!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

12 Replies to “The Week that Was – 2.38”

  1. Looks like a great first week back. I have to ask what that awesome poster of space is in the background there! It looks amazing. I used to want to be an astronomer when I was younger…I’m a huge nerd like that. And proud of it. 🙂

  2. Hi S, I hate to say but we got it about ten years ago. The kilo book shop near us had a special on world maps and a universe map – got them both!!! ANd we are still enjoying them… Well spotted!!! Have a good week!!!

  3. I want to come live with your guys for a week! I’m sure I’d learn a ton from your kiddos! :):):) Charlotte’s Web is on our reading list too… my inspiration for Emerson’s mini piggy party coming up!!!

    I adore that last photo of little man eight— he is so stinkin cute there with his arm up on the couch!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi C, Can you believe it a first week back at school and it was great!!! Hope you guys have a great week!!!

  5. Hi KM, Oh mini-piggy sounds so fun, I can’t wait to read about it!!! Some books you can read over and over again – this is one of them – it just never fails to satisfy!!! Don’t you just love how he “owns” the couch!!!! Anytime you want to come over and visit we won’t complain!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!

  6. Hi K, You do indeed recognize some common friends – some of our very best friends!!! Nice to hear from you, hope you have a great weekend!!!

  7. Oh darling children! We have about 8 weeks left of our homeschooling before we have a little summer break…need a shot of motivation or adrenaline or something! 🙂

  8. Oh K, Hang in there, you are so in the home straight… It is so nice when whole chunks of things start to finish up!!! You will love being done when the job is well done!!! Hope you have a great week… and then there will only be se7en left to go… Who would have thought how we would long for vacations!!!

  9. Oh I LOVE that pic of number 7 – GORGEOUS!

    My eldest is making an AWESOME fruit salad right now – YAY – I LOVE Homeschooling!

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