The Quickest Pinata in the World in Se7en Steps…

Okay, I confess I am mad for pinatas. We have quite a few parties round here every year and every party has a pinata. I have posted How to make pinata’s before: Regular paper mache one’s, teeny tiny individual ones and instant gift bag ones… but I have been looking for an instant pinata for a while. And finally after a leaving things to the last minute again last weekend I came up with an instant pinata solution…


Let’s Meet The Players:

  1. Old Newspapers.
  2. Glue Stick.
  3. Pipe cleaners, or whatever else you want to use to decorate it.
  4. Diluted cold glue (white glue, project glue whatever you call it).
  5. Construction paper.

Let’s Play the Game in se7en steps:

  1. I am all for recycling so grab a couple of old newspaper pages and place them on top of each others. Draw an outline of the basic shape of your pinata on the top sheet and cut it out.
  2. DSC_0302
  3. Just using a regular glue stick, glue the layers together around the edges. Leave the top open for adding in surprises later.
  4. DSC_0303
  5. At this stage tape any extra decorating onto the newspaper shape… we needed some pipe cleaner feet taped on.
  6. DSC_0306
  7. Just between you and me, our pinata needed a bit more help!!! So out came the construction paper and we tore it up into small squares. We diluted cold glue – about 1 part water to two parts glue. And we were ready to decorate.
  8. DSC_0304
  9. Paint your pinata with the diluted glue and stick the torn pieces of construction paper everywhere… Seriously just keep sticking!!!
  10. DSC_0308

  11. Leave it to dry – the diluted glue dried really quickly and in an hour or two it made a nice crispy shell. We popped our surprises into the middle of the shell… and just used glue stick to close it. I would have made this the night before to make sure that it dried in time but really the diluted glue dries very quickly and turns newsprint into a really crispy paper.
  12. DSC_0319
  13. That’s it, we were done!!! One chicken pinata ready for a Little Red Hen party.
  14. DSC_0332DSC_0331

That’s it!!! I will post more about our Little Red Hen Party in the next couple of days!!!

I popped this post onto the Works For Me Wednesday Site – go and have a look there for all sorts of tips on absolutely anything.

22 Replies to “The Quickest Pinata in the World in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Love it! Thanks again. You always inspire my lazy last minute self. In 4 weeks time I have a baby due AND my 1st born turns 6. Frantic and fun.

  2. Hi O… Isn’t it funny how all their birthdays pile up!!! Hope you are getting heaps of rest!!! Have a good day!!!

  3. Awesome! I am such a procrastinator… I think my next party could use this kind of pick me up!The grown up kids will love it!

  4. Hi K, I used to do elaborate pinatas starting weeks in advance but as we have more and more parties so I take longer and longer to get going!!! I needed a last minute idea desperately!!!

  5. You are amazing! We haven’t done the pinata thing at our own parties….kids swinging bats near others…oh man, that’s just an accident waiting to happen in 4-year-old-world!
    I love this idea though….we’ll just have to come up with some other reason to make this!

  6. Hi S, Again!!! You are so right about the lethalness of kids and bats… and they just get wilder as they get bigger – trust me on this!!! We get them to line up behind a mark – but in the excitement… I usually surround the players with a heap of Dad’s. And they end up policing until the pinata is broken up!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  7. Wow! We are having a party this weekend, and just contemplating having a pinata. I think I might try this!!! Thanks!

  8. Hi Bitterroot Mama, Glad you like it… The little red hen was really sweet and worked really well!!! Have a fun week!!!

  9. Hay Michelle!!! O love being a life-saver!!! Hope they turn out great for you… I popped over to your store, it looks totally cool I have always wanted to vist the old Biscuit Mill… say hi if you see a mom of many strolling about!!! Have a fun day!!!

  10. Gluing the candy into the pinata with a glue stick… brilliant! We made a fairly convincing rat out of 8 sheets of newspaper, four pipe-cleaners (to support the ears and form the tail), and a big sheet of shiny wrapping paper cut into pieces to glue on randomly. We were out of time, so we just used the glue stick for the entire project… Fastest progress was with Mom putting glue onto about 10 x 10 inch area of wrapping paper, and then quickly cutting into smaller pieces and handing the sticky pieces to the kid assistants for assembly. It took us about an hour, from research on how to draw a rat on youtube to dumping left-over halloween candy in to sealing it up and twisting the last pipe-cleaner onto the tail. THANK YOU!!!!

  11. Hay Karen, So very happy that this worked out for you!!! Really thrilled… sounds like the perfect rat!!!

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