Se7en’s Little Red Hen Party…

Hood #7 just loves – and I mean LOVES the story of The Little Red Hen:


So The Little Red Hen had to be the star of her birthday party, and I guess a lot of these ideas could be used for any farm theme party…


If you don’t know the story then here is a very rough summary:

The little red hen is a hardworking little hen and she finds a grain of wheat. None of her lazy friends will help her plant it, so she plants it herself. None of them will help her water it, so she waters it herself and so on through the process of making a loaf of bread. All her friends are very eager to help her eat it and the little red hen very quickly says that she thinks she will eat it herself…

As usual we followed the outline of se7en steps to a great party on our practical party page. Let’s get going (If you need details on how to do something specific then follow the link to the post for that particular step):

Step 1: Invitation: A couple of weeks ago we made Se7en million colorful clucking chickens. And instead of stuffing the chicken with paper, leave it open like a little bag and pop the party details into it… fun and the birthday kidlet can help make these really easy chickens invitations.


Step 2: Party Starter: The obvious party starter was to read the story as soon as everyone had arrived.



Step 3: Treasure Hunt: I normally do the treasure hunt last at a party but because but we needed our treasure hunt to be sooner, since it was our snack!!! So off they went looking for grains of wheat and please excuse the artistic license, we went looking for corn instead. So off we went on a corn hunt…



Step 4: Party Games: On one of the windiest days by far we took our games indoors and set to work and getting the husks off the corn and much splishing and sploshing later their were some corn cobs in a pot ready to cook.




Step 5: Party Craft: For a party craft we made mini-loaves of bread, using our basic bread recipe and lots of seeds for sprinkling…





Step 6: Party Pinata: The pinata was a really simple one made from newspaper, in the morning for the party that afternoon… here is a link to how it was made.





Step 7: Party Food: The cake was our usual ice-cream cake, topped with cream (and a dash of food coloring)… and a couple of sweetie decorations.


Everyone got to take home their loaf of bread and some streamers and a little red hen…


Judging by the state of the floor they had a lot of fun!!!


That’s it – quick and easy, a simple party for a little person.

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11 Replies to “Se7en’s Little Red Hen Party…”

  1. I know i am running the risk of sounding rather stupid but this is the first time i have heard of a pinata – am i right in saying the idea is to smash it and then the kids get to choose a couple of things inside?

  2. I LOVE “value” stories. Little Red Hen is near the top of the list.

    I’m totally into “brainwashing” my kids too. . .so they all know that story by heart.

    Sounds like a great party.

  3. Hi C!!! You are so funny!!! I never imagined I was brainwashing but now that I think about it…!!! Hope you have some serious spring this weekend!!!

  4. Hi JK, O I am so with Jaylene… I kept talking about the “henny Penny party” and there would be an intake of breathe around the house and a number of “Little Red Hen Party, Mam!!!”… Oh it’s a mad mad world!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

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