Se7en’s Edible Cell Biology Fun…

We had a week of science fun here, catching all our experiments up and then some more. The experiment that outshone all of them – by far – was the making of a cell model. Here is a finished cell to give you the idea of what we did:


Let’s meet the Players:

  • One packet of jelly per cell.
  • A collection of teeny tiny sweets – for all the various parts of the cell.

Let’s Play the Game:

  1. Mix your jelly according to the packet instructions.
  2. We used green for a plant cell and orange for an animal cell, because a plant cell has walls and a regular shape we popped the jelly into a square box. The animal cell is meant to be a little more random!
  3. DSC_0813
  4. While you are waiting for the jelly to set you can have a good explore of the internet, and there are heaps of good sites:
    1. Cell’s Alive is just such a great resource!!!
    2. Heaps of cell fun linking from classroom.jc-schools
  5. Now examine all your different candies and match them up to the parts of the cell.
  6. DSC_0509

    A different candy for every cell component…

  7. Then for some quick assembly:
  8. DSC_0520DSC_0867

  9. And you are done!!! One green plant cell and one orange animal cell.
  10. DSC_0872DSC_0870

  11. If you know what the name of the cell component, that the candy represents, and what it’s purpose is, then you are free to eat it!!! It’s just amazing how quickly you can learn with the right motivation!!!
  12. DSC_0874

The book we are using for science, and our inspiration is:

27 Replies to “Se7en’s Edible Cell Biology Fun…”

  1. Hi Whatever!!! How cool of you to come over and say hi!!! I loved your post yesterday, brilliant idea!!! And yup the the cell was a fun idea!!! Hope you all have a good weekend!!!

  2. Thanks! We’re also doing this for science and my oldest daughter, age 11, balked at it the entire time. Perhaps this will help her learn it and enjoy it…at least a little. 😉

  3. We loved this too! Although I’m not sure how many of the mini marshmallows made it into our cells. We had a lot of empty plasma!

  4. Hi P, My daughter isn’t the most academically minded!!! But loved doing edible science, she got it and could at a push tell you the different parts of a cell!!! Hope you have fun!!!

  5. Oh Pam that is funny… We had a LOT of onlookers!!! Heaps of willing helpers hovering in droves at the edge of each shot!!! Just to drive them totally mad we saved our cells for dessert!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  6. I’ve just seen this on Crafty Crow and I have to say, it’s genius. I’m a biologist y traiing and now help run an after school science club – would you mind if we used your idea one day?

  7. The link for the book you’re using isn’t working for me; would you mind putting up the title? This is the sort of thing my daughter would love! Thanks!

  8. Hey, love this idea. i did something like this in high school but it wasn’t edible. we took a fish bowl and filled it with transparent hair gel. then we took different objects like noodles and pipe cleaners and stuffed them inside for the different parts of the cell. again it’s not edible but it’s still fun to do. 🙂

  9. Ho Jessica… Your project sounds like a whole lot of fun!!! So glad you stopped by and told us about it – hope you have a fabulous 2012!!!

  10. Hahaha Marcia, the post that keeps on pinning and pinning and pinning!!! Hope you have the best day ever!!!

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