Se7en’s Virtual Voyage: Australia and The Didgeridoo…

A couple of months back we began a virtual voyage, but got distracted by the impending arrival of Hood #8… We are back on the travel buggy so to speak,


And we were off to Australia this week:


Here is an Australian craft that we tackled: The Didgeridoo by Hood #2.


Here’s a great link to things all about the didgeridoo. And let’s get going:

Let’s Meet The Players:

  • An old postage tube.
  • Paints.
  • White Paint Marker.

Let’s Play The Game:

  1. Didgeridoo’s are often decorated with beautiful designs and wonderful earthy colors. He started with paints: regular bright colors and the aim was to mix away until each little pan a different color brown.
  2. digeridoo digeridoo digeridoo digeridoo

  3. The he painted the old postage tube with patterns and a couple of wild Australian animals.
  4. digeridoo digeridoo digeridoo


  5. Once the paints had dried he used a white paint marker. He added details to his patterns and animals, it made them stand out.
  6. digeridoo digeridoo digeridoo

That’s it. Really easy and really impressive.


That’s it!!! More Australia to follow!!!

17 Replies to “Se7en’s Virtual Voyage: Australia and The Didgeridoo…”

  1. I had the opportunity once to try and play a real didgeridoo and couldn’t even get a hum going. The professional could make awesome music though. Yours looks so cool.

  2. Thanks KM, I will let the artist know!!! Oooh I hope they stay the creative nuts that they are and don’t end up behind a desk eighty hours a week.., but wherever they are led!!! We are going on an awesome outing tomorrow… hold your breathe it’s going to be fabulous (I know I am counting chickens here!!!)… Lots of love hope you guys are having a fun week!!!

  3. Wow JK, You have tried the real thing… I must say this one sounds pretty (um…) awful!!! And I am quite resilient – have to be in this house, where we are surrounded by Vuvuzela’s!!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!

  4. WOW, what an amazing didgeridoo. I am sure an Aborigine friend would be very proud to own it.
    It is absolutely beautiful, but perhaps you could sometime make something that is a bit easier for me to spell !

  5. i love your blog but haven’t been on for ages! that didgeridoo is amazing though! if you are looking for some great picture books re: travelling around Australia, i highly recommend Alison Lester, particularly “Ernie dances to the didgeridoo”.

  6. Great project! If you do it again, you might instead find a piece of (phthalate-free!) PVC. The cardboard is porous enough that the sound quality isn’t what it could be, and PVC works great! Then your artist will have an instrument they can play for years. And there’s not a healthier instrument to play, as the circular breathing technique can fight sleep apnea. Make a mouthpiece of beeswax, and you’re good to go.

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