Saturday Spot: The Autumn Table and Se7en Million Autumn Crafts…

Recently, on our Saturday Spot we went looking for Autumn and then we went looking for Autumn again… And this is what we found:



And now that our early evenings are looking like this: cold, dark and damp…


We took the Autumn haul out and we got down to some serious crafting.


  • There was carving: And Kindling Sticks…
  • DSC_0564DSC_0567

  • There were decisions:
  • DSC_0991DSC_0990

  • There was tissue paper and wallpaper glue: And Mini Acorns.
  • DSC_0979DSC_0986DSC_0989


  • There was collage: And a Fan.
  • DSC_0985DSC_0005

  • There was painting: And Leaf Art.
  • DSC_0011


  • There was sticking and folding: And an Autumn Bag:
  • DSC_0998

  • There was sticking and drawing: And a Butterfly:
  • DSC_0976DSC_0996DSC_0994


  • There was threading: And a Bingley Bangle.

  • DSC_0015

  • There was Modeling: And Scenarios.
  • DSC_0984DSC_0987DSC_0010


  • And Glue, lots and lots of Glue: And a Crown.
  • DSC_0978DSC_0981DSC_0983DSC_0004


    And since ALL good craft sessions end with a snack:

  • There was dipping: Chocolate and Mini-Donut Acorns…
  • DSC_0571DSC_0574


That’s us!!! Autumn Crafting at it’s Best!!!

11 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The Autumn Table and Se7en Million Autumn Crafts…”

  1. Oh boy! Does that look fun! It makes me homesick for northern Idaho now that we’ve been in San Antonio for a time and don’t actually have an Autumn. My kiddos love to gather seeds, leaves and flowers – it’s all just so fascinating to them and I love watching through their eyes. Thanks for sharing – have a beautiful day!

  2. Hay Nicole – We did have a lot of fun!!! A great way to spend a rainy evening… We had a really short Autumn, the leaves were green, green, green and then gone!!! We did some hasty collecting. Hope you have a good week!!!

  3. Sjoe, you guys did great! Our ‘harvest’ is scant in comparison, but you’ve inspired me! LOVE that crown….! Oh, and the chocolate acorns on the Bunnykins plate! And the painted leaves…Oh, all of it is great – well done.

  4. FUN! Good for you! You can never regret spending time with the kids being creative! 😀 Whatever didn’t get done can’t be more important that that! (REALLY! :D)

  5. Thanks C, You are so right… time stands still for fun!!! Making memories is more important than chores can indeed wait – they will get done ultimately!!! Have a nice day!!!

  6. I LOVE your leaf crown.. and your acorns and and and.. you always have such lovely creative sessions! I want to be in your house 🙂

    I have a special Gumnut craft coming up next week ESPECIALLY for my “down under” friends (Does NZ count as down under? It does, doesn’t it?)


  7. Hay Maggy, So glad you enjoyed our Autumn!!! We are back from our trip and I had to sift through a million feed readers to discover what a Gumnut is!!! I would say NZ is down under, and I suppose Cape Town is down under from where you are… but not down under in the Down Under sense of the word!!! Hopefully we will be back in the link-up game next week, because we are totally off the blogging pace this week as we process our return to the world from a very different world – some things take time!!! Hope you are having a great week!!!

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