This week (7 June 2010) At Se7en…

Wow, mid-June and we are about to be burdened with birthdays!!!

Firstly the Calendar Collection:

Here is our weekly picture celebrating Hood #8, who is sprouting his top teeth faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket.


And here are a few links for this week:

Mona Lisa.jpg

  • 8 June: Frank Lloyd Wright 1867
  • NewImage.jpg

  • 8 June: World Ocean’s Day
  • 9 June: Donald Duck’s Debut (1934)
  • AED61E6A-BDCF-4566-AC80-9C7AF493C2E5.jpg

  • 9 June: Peter the Great Born (1672)
  • 10 June: Ball Point Pen Patented
  • India.jpg

  • 10 June: National Iced Tea Day (U.S.A.).
  • Faces.jpg

  • 11 June: Great Barrier Reef Discovered (1770)
  • 11 June: Jacque Cousteau’s Birthday (1910)
  • 3E82253C-EEBC-48DF-95B7-2CA7C2A6E435.jpg

  • 11 June: E.T. Movie premiered.
  • 0BA1E0EB-4204-48B6-BC38-6CA2457DBCE9.jpg

  • 12 June: Anne Frank’s Birthday (1929)
  • Favorite Poems.jpg

  • 13 June 1865: William Butler Yeats Birthday (1865 – 1939).
  • That’s us – have a great week!!!

    3 Replies to “This week (7 June 2010) At Se7en…”

    1. You know how much I adore your CALENDARS!!! I remember EXACTLY where I was when ET made its premier— drive in movies with my dad and brother. I was 6, 7, 8??? I so loved that movie… I need to rent it for my kiddos so we can have a little ET party. THANKS for the INSPIRATION and IDEAS! xoxoxoxoxo

    2. Hay KM… 11 was a blink away and way before kids and so a lifetime away… I will have to think of a crafty craft!!! So far all I can think of is bottle top aliens… you could just make bottle top aliens with googley eyes!!! My oldest got it for his birthday a couple of years back – it is a favorite!!! Have fun!!!

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