The Week That Was – 2.51

Well crisp and cold…


Really cold, this is across the bay… to see some snow…


And a little bit more:


Otherwise we have been to the gym holiday program and got the t-shirts to prove it!!!


World Cup fever has hit home!!!


And our collection of Vuvuzela’s grows and grows…


Our car returned from the mechanics so we took a scenic drive to check it out and that would be Table Mountain in all her wintry glory…


And scenic scenes…


And an impromptu play:


And there was time for landscape drawings…


And a single plane air-show:


Not to mention another birthday means another ice-cream outing…


And a wander through Kalk Bay:


This is one of the ten million offerings that arrived on my laptop. I am just loving all the little people and the interesting writing!!!


And when a chap, who is mad about maps gets an Atlas from his granny for his birthday then that so has to be the book of the week… read and read and read and then read a bit more:

Picture Atlasjpg.jpg

And this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Did some anatomy and dismantling:


Hood #2: Made a heap of noodles… enough for ten for se7en siblings is indeed a heap!!!


Hood #3: Is taking up catering!!!


Hood #4: The Pharaoh arrived for the morning. Stamping hieroglyphics is fun!!!


Hood #5: Is mastering shoe laces… Yay!!!


Hood #6: There was climbing the walls. DSC_0051
Hood #7: In fact a trail of climbers and peeping through the trees.



Hood #8: And there was convincing of little friends that onions and potatoes are indeed the new Fisher Price…


That’s us!!! Have a Good Week!!!

(and we went to the soccer!!!! But that’s it’s whole own post (or five) I just wanted to say W.E. W.E.R.E. T.H.E.R.E. well not a match but the fan park, the stadium – awesome fun, it can be done with kids!!!)

2 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.51”

  1. Oh, beautiful mountains and snowcaps. Ahhhh.

    And THAT is what those horns look like that have been in all the sports articles… ;P Too funny – I make my husband mute all games that he watches. 🙂

  2. Hi there Denise… Our purple headed mountains are beautifully snow capped just a pity there is no easy access to explore it – well a good days hike away from the nearest place to park, which is half a days drive away… sometimes it comes closer but the thought of it getting colder when we are totally ill equipped for cold – no heating and really inadequate clothing, “just pop on an extra layer” is a little bit daunting!!! And as for the Vuvuzelas… love them or hate them I think they are hear to stay. Through the tv it sounds like a load of buzzing hornets but up close it is a loud PAAAAARRRRPPPP and they are relentless… the horns that is!!! I have to say I have one trumpeter that has one never far from his lips and every time someone passes he “blows his horn” in companionship. Sigh!!! Enjoy your summer!!!

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