Se7en World Cup Faces and Flags… A Round Up of Kids Activities.

A couple of friends went to see a match – a real live match… and sent us some photos!!! All the World Cup photos in this post are thanks to our friend Rob – who braved the crowds before us and encouraged us to go!!! Well we were so inspired that we went down to the stadium ourselves… that’s a whole ‘nother post (coming in our Saturday Spot). I knew my kids would want to be part of this. I knew they would want to look back and remember the 2010 soccer and that they had been there.


We had to see all the different fans:



And the gear:


So we did some preparation. Here come some links:

And we made about a bazillion flags with carpet samples and fabric crayons:




I would quite like to live in some of these countries:


But the preparation of  the day was flag faces:


And you can see united allegiance may be a bit of an issue!!!


This is what we are aiming for, The Stadium!!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah… it’s coming in our Saturday Spot…

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