Se7en Million Banana Chocs…

This is what my kids have rediscovered after a long lay-off… Nothing new under the sun but I think some of us are longing for summer and these make it feel a little bit closer… The thing we like about these is that they are entirely kiddable… I don’t even need to know that they are making them!!!


Let’s Meet The Players:


  • bananas
  • chocolate
  • craft sticks

Let’s Play the Game:

  1. Chop your bananas into bitable chunks.
  2. Poke them with a craft stick.
  3. Pop them into the freezer on a baking tray.
  4. DSC_0395

  5. Once they are frozen… Melt some good chocolate…
  6. DSC_0768

  7. Roll your frozen bananas in the melted chocolate – the chocolate sticks to the bananas really easily.
  8. DSC_0770

  9. Return them to the freezer till you need them. You can add sprinkles and things before you refreeze them but we are purists, we like our chocolate to be chocolate!!!
  10. DSC_0771

  11. That’s it!!! Really easy…

7 Replies to “Se7en Million Banana Chocs…”

  1. We tried this once, but the children thought it was a waste of good chocolate. It might have been more successful if we had cut the banana up, instead of trying to do the whole banana. I wonder if it has been long enough for me to try this again.

  2. Hi Cheryl, That’s hysterical… my non-fruit eater thought it made the bananas vaguely edible!!! I think mini bites might help the process!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  3. Those do look like a great summer treat…my kids’ favorite way to eat banana is to slice them up and covering them with peanut butter. This summer the most popular snack choice has been frozen yogurt. Literally freezing yogurt into popsicles. Easy, healthy, and they can do it all themselves. We’ll have to give the chocolate bananas a try soon.

  4. These look yummy!! I don’t have small kids any more, but I am sure my grandchildren will love it. Will definitely try it next time they visit.
    I must admit, I was rather surprised when I read your post about Imhoff Farm Village and realised your are a South-African blogger! Love your way of blogging and have tried some of your cookie recipe’s already! Se7en thumbs-up for you!

  5. Hi Amanda – Always nice to meet a South African blogger!!! Thanks for stopping by and the thumbs up!!! Hope you have a great crafty week!!!

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