Sunday Snippet: Se7en Visit The Roman World of the New Testament and A GiveAway…

I know Sunday has passed… but I had a weekend off and I am catching up with my week!!! Here is this weeks fabulous GiveAway and it’s another great book brought to you by:


This is such a great series and this book doesn’t fail: Romans, Gladiators and Games: The Roman World of the First Christians (Footsteps of the Past) Romans.jpg

Another great Day One book that has a look at all things roman in the British Museum. We just love the British Museum and all that it has to offer even when you aren’t in the country!!! Their website is packed with resources you can do a couple of online tours and have a look at specific objects online and they have a brilliant spot for young explorers. Back to the book it is full of great projects and crafts and factoids and links to the museum site. Pages on gladiators, citizenship and treasures like coins and statues….

In honor of this GiveAway I challenged my kids to an afternoon of Ancient Rome. This is what they came up with:


  1. Cheering Chariot Races: The Romans were famous for their races… we had more of the same!!!
  2. DSC_0700

  3. Roman Road Salad: The romans made fabulous roads all the way across their Empire. Their roads were made of layers of gravel and rocks and soil and clay… A layered salad with anything you have lying about… layer it about in a glass bowl and there is your Roman road for lunch. We had lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomato and spring onions, noodles, boiled eggs, bacon bits and noodles. Layer them up and plonk a layer of mayonaisse on the top. Yum!!!
  4. DSC_0690



  5. Bulla Face Paints: Roman children all wore lucky charms about their necks, called a bulla. They used face paints to make their own bulla. DSC_0792 DSC_0817
  6. Mouse Brain Toothpaste: The Romans used to clean their teeth with crushed mouse brains, we used sherbet… Of course we didn’t have sherbit, but a bit of Eno’s mixed with icing sugar and you are done.
  7. DSC_0816 DSC_0760

  8. See You Later Gladiator: A whole lot of gladiator training happened…
  9. DSC_0762 DSC_0799

  10. Magnificent Mini Mosaics: Some mosaic tiles glued onto a piece of hardboard… this person has been dying for an excuse to do this – forever!!!
  11. DSC_0796 DSC_0813

  12. Roman Coins and a Treasure Hunt: They made Roman coins and hid them for a treasure hunt, finders keepers!!!
  13. And the Se7en + 1th Thing: DSC_0811

  14. Well Paper Dolls or a Lego Aqueduct…: The paper dolls were from here. If you are looking for Roman coloring then you can’t beat this site. And some people just had to construct a villa and an aqueduct…

    DSC_0808 DSC_0804

If you would like to win this fabulous book then go ahead and enter our GiveAway. The GiveAway works in the usual way, comment before the end of this coming Saturday, 21 August 2010, and we will draw and publish the winner next week on Monday! – I won’t respond to your comments as I do on our other posts because I don’t want to be included in our own giveaway.

Our GiveAway Books are open to everyone: If you have won a GiveAway before never fear – enter away. If you live on the far side of the world – enter away. Postage takes forever from here but eventually it should get to you!

Good luck and get commenting!!!

P.S. I have updated our “Visit to Egypt” post from last week… with an interview…pop over and take a look.

16 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Se7en Visit The Roman World of the New Testament and A GiveAway…”

  1. I never seem to find the time to comment on your great site until a give away jumps out at me. We would love to visit ancient Rome. Keep up the great work!

  2. I would love this! especially since my oldest son is named Roman, this would be so much fun to read and do with him.

  3. Hey…I am so inspired after seeing se7en’s Roman interpretation, can’t wait to try some Roman stuff…

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