Se7en Things To Do With A Bunch of Sick Kids When You Are Sick Too…

The trouble with having a bunch of sick kids is that they get sick in relays…  So  you will have five down, two on the mend and one still standing… Just add to that equation a sick mother person and you are headed for trouble!!! So what’s to do!!! Usually we get sick so seldom that it isn’t worth thinking about – but when we do… we do it well!!!


The other thing is all planning and intentional parenting fly out of the window… that’s ok!!! For a time!!! So you get to a meal and its like: “Um, we should make toast.” We go straight into reactionary mode around here. I hate that but sometimes that’s just how you have to live for a time!!! Now I know some people decide to bring out craft boxes and do stuff with their kids when they are sick… I am so not that mother. I have to say when my kids are sick they just aren’t up to it. And frankly I am quite grateful!!!

So Se7en Things to do with Sick Kids, When you are Sick Too:

  1. Audiobooks are our friends: I pick one or two stories at a time and keep them at the ready to play. So it goes like this: Collapse, hit play and “See you in a loooong while!!!” If anyone drifts off to sleep good and well and if they don’t at least they had something to listen to.
  2. DSC_0042

  3. Simple Games: Uno and Checkers are fine – trust me this is not the time for great games of strategy!!!
  4. Cricket.jpgSpider.jpgLadyBug.jpg

  5. Comics: I have a box old of Cricket, Spider and Lady Bug comics. They are on the shelf all the time but my kids only read them when they are sick… short stories and easy reading!!!
  6. DSC_0222

  7. Long Tepid Baths: And toss in toys they wouldn’t normally play with in the bath…Duplo in the bath takes on a whole new meaning!!! Even a drop of food coloring makes a boring old bath very interesting!!!
  8. Brer Rabbit.jpg

  9. A Standard Sick Book: My mother read me Brer Rabbit when I was sick and my kids expect the same privilege!!! They are sick so rarely that we have never finished the book, but they all know what its about!!!
  10. Catering is not an issue for my sick kids: They just stop eating!!! Pity the folk that aren’t sick because we go onto a toast diet. That’s it. If you can eat then it’s toast!!! Really they eat well all the time, a day or two of toast isn’t going to be the end of the world. Not to mention trying to get a sick kid to eat usually will come back and greet you later on… no thanks!!!
  11. Fluids: Feverish kids need fluids, lots of them… I bring out the straws, my kids are so intrigued by straws that they have to try them.
  12. DSC_0900

    The Se7en +1th Thing:

  13. Don’t worry about the mess: When you are starting to feel better you will notice the mess, still don’t worry about it – because it will just about kill you to clean up… Wait until you really can’t stand it – that’s the sign that you are really getting well again!!!

Clearly we are on the mend because the mess is driving me totally and absolutely insane!!!

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12 Replies to “Se7en Things To Do With A Bunch of Sick Kids When You Are Sick Too…”

  1. Last time I was super sick and at home with the kids on my own, I retreated to bed with the laptop and went to this site:

    They would shake me awake periodically to swap to a different story or ask for that one again. It saved my life that day!

  2. I always appreciate your level-headed approach to life challenges! We’ve had a bit of the toast diet going on around here and letting myself take that approach (plus an orange or 2) makes life easier before lying down again. Hope everyone is on the mend!

  3. Oh so so hard when the mama is sick too! Praying you all feel better and regain your strength!

  4. Oh no, I hope you all feel better soon! I guess it’s that time of year, we’ve got lots of sniffing and coughing around here too 🙁

  5. Oh Wow!!! A comment from Cassi, I feel 100 % well because of it!!! Thank-you so much for stopping by and commenting on our blog!!! You just made my day!!!

  6. I wash hands like a maniac the first sign any of my kids are sick. So far hubby usually catches it and I don’t. (knock on wood). We usually move the sicko(es) out to the living room where we have wood floors and wipe-able furniture, and we pull out a stack of towels. The laundry machines start running non-stop. I like all of the activity ideas you give…we probably start watching too much tv, so some of these other suggestions will have to come into my repertoire. Hope you’re all feeling better soon…we get the relay effect even with three kids…can’t imagine more…

  7. Hi KDL, Thanks for your thoughts… my guys are not used to tv and find it just totally exhausting to watch it!!! So if I do remember to put it on everybody inevitably falls asleep in front of it!!! Anyway, time heals and we are all pretty much mended!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

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