Another Day, Another Birthday and Se7en + 1 Favorite Things…

This time it’s mine!!! Last year to celebrate I shared se7en of my favorite things and this year, as I appear to be getting further and further away from nineteen… and even further away from when this photograph was taken!!!

birth story007

I thought I would tell you se7en more things I love:

  1. Tools of the Trade: I have become a blogger and while I used to travel light… a toothbrush and I was good to go!!! In fact, and I have blogged this before, I didn’t even pack to go on honeymoon. I just totally forgot, I was so excited about getting to the wedding that I completely neglected to pack for the honeymoon…Well since I started blogging if never leave home without my camera, just in case I see a photograph and my moleskin, just in case I get a blog idea!!! And if I had to go away well I would have to take my macbook. Not to mention quite a few battery chargers!!!
  2. DSC04039

  3. Maintenance: Love it!! It doesn’t matter what kind: deleting photographs, weeding the garden, sorting out closets, even mending. Clearing drawers, donating clutter, hacking the hedge, even washing windows… I just love getting things done and seeing the “to do” pile becoming the “so done” list. And cleaning my car is not maintenance, not at all and has never been on any of my to-do lists… but I do love it done!!!
  4. IMG_0024

  5. Leaving gym: In the olden days when I was young, I just loved going to gym and could work out all day. Nowadays, just getting there is an achievement. Even with eight eager voices asking: “Are we going today – to gym, today, today, today?” So I drop them off and drag myself through a number of laps of the pool. And reward myself with a chapter of whatever book I am reading and then I am totally happy to grab my kids and head home!!!
  6. IMG_3087

  7. Just One Gadget: Now the iphone is not a gadget it is the swiss army knife of the internet. I wouldn’t step out the front door without mine. That might be because I have a propensity to lock my keys in the house… and a phone is very handy for phoning friends to pass us a snack through the gate before the father person gets home. I absolutely hate telephones, but hood #2 invented the iphone when he was about two and constructed endless tiny lego gadgets that could do anything – and I always wanted one!!! Now that I finally have one I love it… for listening to podcasts, for endless audiobooks, for reading my kindle books, for collecting Dr. Seuss Apps, for entertaining little hoods when I need them to keep quiet!!!
  8. DSC_0526

  9. Blogging: Did I mention I love and adore blogging!!! I love answering folks questions, I love reading other blogs and commenting around the world… I spend at least as much time commenting as I do writing my own blog!!! I could be more efficient, but why!!! Some people watch TV, I visit blogs, it is my idea of fun!!!
  10. Photo0128

  11. Hanging with my kids: I simply love doing stuff with my kids, anything… but especially outings. I love taking my kids out for ice-creams, hot chocolate, book browsing, ambling, beach combing. I gasp as I realize how quickly this is all passing!!!
  12. DSC_0611

  13. Learning: The best thing about homeschooling is you get to learn so much and have such fun!!! I never learnt such great hostry when I was at school and certainly never made a timeline!!! We certainly never got to learn about Great Artists and we certainly never got to paint – everyday!!


    And the Se7en + 1th thing:

  14. Crayola, Post-it Notes and Real Italian Ice-Cream, Good Coffee… My nine favorite people: Some things never change I will love them forever!!!

That’s me!!! So tell me some of your favorite things!!!

14 Replies to “Another Day, Another Birthday and Se7en + 1 Favorite Things…”

  1. well HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you!

    some of my favorite things – reading blogs, writing mine, my son, my puppy, getting out everyday exercising with my son and puppy, chocolate, cooking/baking, getting stuff organized and traveling. and I’m excited to moving to be around family.

  2. Happy Birthday
    May the year ahead be the best one yet. Full of wonderful learning and loving with your family.

  3. Fun post!

    I’m a big fan of blogging too! I’d have to say I probably spend more time visiting blogs and writing on my own vs. spending time watching TV as well.

    Reading – I’m a human sponge, really! 🙂

    Adoring my sweet little boys. When I take time to really pause throughout my day to stop and soak them up – it’s bliss, but I must choose that perspective, doesn’t always come natural!

    I’m sure I’d LOVE an iPhone as well – probably won’t be getting one anytime in the near future, but a girl can dream!


  4. Happy Birthday dear mother se7en! Here are a few things I love about you: your obvious zest for life, The enthusiasm with which you reply to comments (I always smile at all the !! you use!!), your kind willingness to share advice and encourage other moms, your relaxed approach to home schooling, the quick & easy recipes you come up with, the fact that you proclaim Christ in a gentle, beautiful way through your writings, and the fact that you are such a prolific blogger who makes me look forward to opening my inbox every morning! May God bless you abundantly in this new year! Lots of Love!

  5. Hay Heidi… I know all about stopping to adore your beautiful children… sometimes we just must!!! Thanks for you cool list and have a fabulous weekend!!!

  6. Oh JoyfulMama… What were you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so not the list I was after – you are way too kind!!! Thank you so much, where would I be without great readers like you!!! I hope you enjoy this lovely long weekend!!!

  7. Happy birthday to you and Hood#1!!! Hope you both have a wonderful year ahead!!!

    I’m sooo late, sorry, busy week (just two kids, but uni, practice with children w/ADHD, nephew & sister in law’s birthday on Thursday and my husband’s on Friday…)!! Anyway, let’s sing a typical Catalan birthday song!!!

    Anys i anys, per molts anys, a la una per molts anys
    Anys i anys, per molts anys, a les dues per molts anys
    Anys i anys, per molts anys, a les tres per molts anys
    Volem que súper t’ho passis, bufis fort i les apaguis!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! I loved this post and the one just before, where you describe your Birthday Days. I love the simplicity and goodness of how you celebrate and how it really comes down to spending time with people you love, doing things you love. Thank you, again, for sharing. 🙂

  9. Thank you Lili!! You are too kind!!! It is truley a birthday time of year all over the world!!! Hope you enjoy all your celebrations too!!!

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