Se7en Whip Up a Galaxy of Paper Planets…

We needed another rainy afternoon craft so we decided to whip up a galaxy of paper planets…It seems that every time we have a rainy afternoon we have a space project… aliens and space ships and so on… so here is our galaxy…


Here we go in Se7en Steps:

  1. Begin with a piece of card… split it in half.
  2. DSC_0471

  3. On the one half draw a circle and the other an oval, fill the paper with your oval… and then cut them out…
  4. DSC_0473

  5. Pop your circle on top of the oval and mark with a ruler two inch marks on either side of your circle. Make dots on your oval, to mark the edge of the circle. Then join the dots on your oval…
  6. Now snip along the dotted lines… an inch or so on the edge of the circle and leave the same amount unsnipped along the line on your oval…
  7. DSC_0480

  8. At this stage have a decorating frenzy, we did watercolors – quick and easy because I was actually making dinner at the time, but you will have so much more time… and I think tissue paper stuck on, and bits of foil and heaps of glitter… seriously this is one of those projects that can be as easy or as hard as you like!!!! And once your kids know how to make them they will quickly lurch from making a planet to a galaxy without even blinking!!!
  9. DSC_0435DSC_0436DSC_0438DSC_0439DSC_0440DSC_0447DSC_0448DSC_0449DSC_0450DSC_0451DSC_0452DSC_0453


  10. Then pop your planet and it’s rings together…
  11. DSC_0481


    And you will have a pile of planets…


  12. Finally pop a piece of wire through your planet, you can use string to hang it up but it’s fiddley and awkward and my kids are so much better at wire.DSC_0489DSC_0490
  13. And the Se7en + 1th Step:

  14. Make a hook in the end of your wire… and hang your planet up in all it’s spacey glory!!!
  15. DSC_0491

And you are done!!!


Happy Weekend!!!

This post was inspired by this… pop over and take a look, better yet make your own planets this weekend!!!

Galaxy Adventures.jpg

16 Replies to “Se7en Whip Up a Galaxy of Paper Planets…”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful planets with us! I would be happy if you wanted to submit them for the exhibition aswell, with a short description of them all? You can enter them as one if that is the easiest.

  2. Cheryl, Hi there… Sorry a weekend away has left me floundering around looking at photographs and thinking of blogging… I am so glad you enjoyed our galaxy – it really was so quick and easy!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Hi Lilla a…. When I asked my gang of kids (aged 1 to 13) for a “brief description” of the paper planet galaxy they made… they came up with a story… I hope it helps because by the time i looked at it they were all in bed and I will not be disturbing them!!! So here is their story…

    Far away in the distant galaxy of Furango two aliens were exploring. They went through the galaxy looking at all sorts of planets, inhabited by bizarre and strange species. They landed on one of the many many planets and emerged from their ship. They explored for years and years but all they could find was huge zonkoid blossoms. As they were returning to their ship they heard a huge whirr, whirr, whirr… The inhabitants of the planet started to scatter screaming: “The Creltids are coming, the Creltids are coming.” Huge butterfly like creatures, bigger than you have ever seen before descended and began to eat the zonkoid blossoms. Eventually they left, leaving only a few tattered blossoms in their wake. Getting back to the two aliens, after many years of careful exploration, they decided Furango would be a good place to settle. They built a farm and harvested their own zonkoid blossoms. They were happy, but they always had to watch out for Creltids. The End.

  4. This is wonderful! I’d love it if you’d find a moment to join my crafty international linking party now thru Wed Hope to see you there!

  5. HI the CJM, Thanks for the invitation – I love your site and consider it a privilege to play along!!! Have a great week!!!

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