Saturday Spot: Se7en Revisit the Baby Goats…

Remember these newborn kids, only an hour or two old…


Well we had to go back and visit them… and after a couple of weeks here they are:


We dashed out at the crack of dawn to see the milking and just that morning they were milked at five, which is way earlier than the crack of dawn and we missed it… but here they are in all there cute glory.
The baby girls stand around chatting…
Then there was this little head butting personality…
And the baby boys were bouncing in and out of the food trough…
It was quite hard to tell who was behind the fence…
And little fingers were tasted…
So instead of the milking we watched the cheese making – brilliant since we just learnt about cheese.

There is a huge churn, it looks like a giant ice cream maker, that gets cleaned out and disinfected, and in goes the milk. Some sleepy heads watched it for ages!!! Then they took its temperature. And left it gently whirring!!!


Back to yesterday’s cheese ready for action:
Break it up, Break it up… and salt it…


And flavor it… with peppers… yum!!!
And Fynbos… which is just amazingly delicious in cheese!!!


Then we looked around at all the waiting cheeses…


Otherwise we wandered around and we saw a horse being shod…


And a run through the flowers…DSC_0232
And a feather search…
And a clamber…
Someone was victorious…
And this is not quite a feather!!!
Then we got to counting peacocks…
I know those are ducks… but there was general confusion amongst the shortest people…
And then we really got to counting peacocks and there were heaps of them!!!
And a quick peep at the pretty shop getting ready for the day…
And the potted plants…
And some chocolate for breakfast – I am the mother after all and I get to choose the menu round here.
And home for school!!! What can I say… there is something to be said for early rising from time to time!!!

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11 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en Revisit the Baby Goats…”

  1. Hay Leslie!!!Yup it was a really good outing and so funny to be going home to school when all the traffic was leaving home to school!!! I am loving your playful parenting posts – I must, must read that book!!! It doesn’t matter how many kids you have you are always learning, learning!!! Have a great day!!!

  2. that shop just HAD to have all those little pink dressies? RIGHT? I’m sure your girlies coveted on the way home.

  3. Hay Irene – You have never seen so much pink in your life… and it was just before opening and racks and racks of pink fluff were pouring forth… and my poor pink deprived daughter, hood #6, was in quite a state of “oohs and aahs.” Very sweet!!! By the time they had chocolate onboard all things pink were quite forgotten!!!

  4. Brings back some awesome memories. What a fab way to start the day; I love it!! We miss you guys!!!

  5. Fun hay, and all before breakfast!!! You should see how grownup those baby goats are since we were there!!! Loved seeing all your photographs!!!

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