Se7en Tea Party Crafts…

Well when you are having A Virtual Tea Party you need to have a couple of crafts at hand…



  1. A Tea Party Paper Hat: A tea Party isn’t a tea party without a hat!!! Paper is your friend, it’s a lot more malleable than we think!!!Take large pieces of paper, bigger than your child’s head and decorate them any way you like. We did this simply and left two small girls with the markers while we did school.

    Once they are done decorating pop the papers on their head, we used two layers for strength.


    Crunch the paper around their heads and then use clear tape and tape around their heads.


    Then the hat should be hanging in their eyes!!! Just fold the edges upwards and you are done!!!

  2. DSC_0052

  3. Sew A Tea-Pot Bag: Felt is your friend for beginner sewing, it is pretty forgiving!!! Also you needn’t sew this project, craft glue will do the trick just as well. We used felt and buttons and a shoelace for the handle. Start by cutting out your two tea-pot shapes, and one handle and one spout. We decided to decorate our tea-pot with flowers, so we cut out a couple of flowers as well.
  4. DSC_0040DSC_0041

    We started by sewing the flowers on, we just popped a button in the center of each flower and stitched them on.


    Finally, we placed our shoelace around the edge of the back, just inside the seam. Pinned it all together and slowly stitched our way around. Making sure to catch the shoelace in one or two spots.


    And you are done!!!


  5. Teaspoon Shakers: We began by drawing on plastic teaspoons with sharpie markers…

    We put some popcorn kernels into one of the spoons.
    And glued the spoons together to make shakers.

  6. A Mini Tea-Pot Pinata: You can really make any size Pinata, but we made mini-ones because they dry so quickly… You will need small balloons (we used the water bomb balloons), tissue paper torn into little strips and a small amount of wall paper glue.
  7. DSC_0018

    Cover your balloon in wall paper glue and then strips of tissue paper, keep on layering the paper until it is well covered, you can put on a couple of layers, we put on about three.


    For the handle and the spout we just made a roll of paper pushed it flat and molded it on to paper covered balloon and left it to dry overnight.


    Trim the rough edges and you are done!!!



  8. Teaspoon Flowers: We cut some flowers and let those little ones lose with the watercolors, it seems to be their latest full time occupation!!!
  9. DSC_0175


    We smothered our spoons in glue and pompoms…
    And poked the spoons through the center of the flowers – ta da!!!


  10. Teeny Tiny Tea Cards: Make a teeny tiny card.
  11. DSC_0158DSC_0159

    Stick the card onto the the teabag label… and you are done!!!


  12. A Teaspoon Collection: This was the ultimate afternoon of delight… First you will need some take-away tea-spoons and sharpie markers to draw on them. Then add almost anything else you can think of to the table… little fabric scraps, pompoms, pipe cleaners, feathers, in fact any scrappy things and merry sticking and gluing. We had spoon beasts, spoon bugs, spoon aliens, spoon monsters, spoon families…. just about spoon anything you can think of!!!
  13. DSC_0026DSC_0028DSC_0030DSC_0033DSC_0038DSC_0039
    Enjoy the Gallery:


That’s us… A heap of tea party crafts!!! Have Fun!!!

13 Replies to “Se7en Tea Party Crafts…”

  1. What a party! So many great ideas to make up the theme. And with 7+ crafters, you always get that great quantity and variety!

  2. Hi Lilla A, I am thrilled you stopped by!!! I am so glad you liked our tea-time crafts!!! We had a lot of fun making them too!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

  3. Hi Sara, I must say last week was quite a challenge of crafts and games and stories and whatnot… hopefully this week will be a little more leisurely!!! Thanks for your fabulous link-up!!!

  4. Hay Zoe… We liked the shakers as well and the stood the test of time and lasted well!!! Hope you have some fun tea time craftiness!!! Have a great day!!!

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