Se7en’s Virtual Tea Party – The Final Day and a GiveAway…

So this week we have been blogging all about Tea…We have have been holding a Virtual Tea Party for you and with you…

Now it is early Sunday morning over here and the very last day of our Virtual Tea Party. We have been crying out for you to join us and support the CANSA fund, to help us fill our virtual tea-pot…


The time has come the walrus said, for you to join us!!! We Would love you to donate your rands, dollars and pounds… But I realize you might need some motivation… and I realize I need to be a little more mercenary in my approach!!!
So I got you some tea… take yourself off to our donate page, donate a dollar or two… head back and comment and you will be entered into our Great Tea-GiveAway… If we reach our goal of R777.00 (just over $100.00) I will toss a tea-towel into the prize as well…


And I am off for the day… I can’t stand to look, humor me with a donation and heaps of comments by the end of today!!! And I will leave you with a poetic saga, just for fun!!!

Our Ode To Tea

We dressed for a feast,


With a beast,


With a bug,


And a rug.


At a local spot,


When it’s hot,


With balloons,


And Silver Spoons.


In a castle,


Pass the parcel,


In the park,


After dark.


On a boat,


At the beach,


On a bench,


Out of reach.


That’s us – Don’t forget to Donate – Have a good day!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Virtual Tea Party – The Final Day and a GiveAway…”

  1. Hi,

    I already donated, do I get to enter? I know how hard it can be drumming up support, but this is so worthwhile. Go on everyone, just a couple of pounds CAN make a difference!

  2. Hi Se7en. My donation is in! I hope it makes a small difference to someone’s life. I have enjoyed your posts about Tea Parties this week!

  3. I love this cause, but would rather bring you money personally, if that is ok. That way I can also enjoy a cuppa and perhaps a dinner from the celebrity chef.
    Have a good week

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