Saturday Spot: Luigi’s in Hout Bay…

So we went eating out again… I know we don’t eat out for months and then suddenly we have so many places to try out!!! So we were taking advantage of the glorious weather and we took a drive on Sunday and instead of dashing home we decided to stop off at Luigi’s in Hout Bay for lunch. In a word: What a pleasure!!!


This is a family restaurant in every sense of the word… Tables big enough to accommodate a family of ten!!! They didn’t bat an eye when we arrived!!! There is no special kids menu – fantastic!!! They make real food that everyone can and does want to eat!!! You can have a look at the menu here. No climbing frame or jumping castle… for kids to bounce their meal right out again. Just heaps of tables and masses of things on the walls to look at and talk about!!! While one of us was content with apple apps…
The rest of us took a look around:

And around again…DSC_0668
We all sat and looked at all things Italian…DSC_0667
Important things like Ferrari… and landmarks… and food!!!
We stopped off at the pizza oven to see our pizza’s being prepared…
Rolled with the most enormous rolling pin!!!
Just a few pizza’s…

And fired… in the mouth!!!
And then back to the table…
Take a closer look at those pizza’s…
Aaaahhh…pizza as it should be made, no “Thick or thin base,” no “million add-ons…” no “reheating” … just right, just perfect, just delicious, just heavenly!!! How good is it to go out and eat pizza that was made with care and effort… you can so taste the difference from those that are made in a flash!!!
Of course we do have a man who likes pizza more than life and when he finally speaks he is probably going to say “Bon Apetito” before he says anything else!!!
And someone had to be different… and order lasagne, that would be me!!! And you may think I am mad to eat something you can make at home when you go out… but real lasagne cooked properly is just hmmm, creamy, yummy and heavenly!!!
And we could have had real gelato to finish up… but tummies were full and naps were needed… so a latte to finish up with…
And I think you can tell we had a great time…
So if you are looking for a family restaurant that is all about real food, and spending real time together then look no further and since it is in Hout Bay you could treat yourself to a scenic drive at the same time!!!


Thanks Luigi’s for a fabulous time!!!

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  1. We love Luigi’s too – did the owner sing to you guys? He likes to break out in song from time to time – beautiful rich voice and often in lovely Italian too! 🙂

  2. Hay Taryn!!! Small world, No he didn’t sing for us!!! but he sang for the next table!!! We were somewhat distracted as we had to discuss formula 1 pitstops and horses in Piazza Navona, and Roman Ruins and the firing of pizza and well – all things Italian!!! Not to mention a grand discussion on the writing on the wall as my kids tried to guess the meaning of the menu… helps I studied Italian at Varsity!!! Hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine!!!

  3. Hi Hannah, thanks so much for stopping by!!! i know he is a cutie-pie and yes the food was totally delicious!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  4. This was a fun post! But I am truly amazed at the last pic of Hout Bay? One of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen! Wow! I’ll check out past posts to see if I can see more of your world!

  5. I so agree with Hannah! And all that makes me homesick for good friends and the fairest Cape!!!

  6. Hi Angela, I am always so happy to hear from you!!! Our country isn’t called “The Land of Beauty and Splendor” for nothing!!! It is packed with some really gorgeous spots!!! If you scroll down our collection of Saturday Spots: you will find a couple of outings in and around Cape Town. Have a fun week!!!

  7. Jacki, Jacki, Jacki… How good to hear from you!!! I hope you are having a fun time!!! Lots and lots of love from all of us!!!

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