The Week That Was – 3.18

Between intermittent  internet and new software and my stagnant learning curve… Our blog is a little bit off the pace… and our garden is slightly improved!!! Anyway on we chug with our week that was… Bright and shiny weather, with torrential rain at night and then the days are glorious… not blazing heat yet, just crispy.

We had heaps of time for arting:
Appliance still-life…
And end of year concerts:


And outings with old friends…
And giggly games…
And spoon families residing on the fridge…
Time for oldest and youngests to take walks in the country…
Time for friends and pretend lolipops…
And juggling…
Of one kind and another…
Time for zoobs…
And someone is going through a very linear phase…
The offering of the week on my keyboard has to be…
Not to mention time for drives in the neighborhood…


Our book of the week is a series!!! We leant it out a year ago and rediscovered it this past weekend!!! Yay to finding long lost books and yay to awesome adventures!!! My two oldest guys just love these books they aren’t just stories they are packed with fold out maps and diagrams and gadgets and information beyond the story… It is a spy/pirate saga set in the South Pacific during the 1920’s… written like a moleskin journal – there is nothing not to love about these books!!!

OperationRedJericho.jpgOperation Typhoon Shore.jpgOperationStormCity.jpg

And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Had his own take on the city scape project:
Hood #2: Started a crime lab, with fingerprinting and documenting and so on… and you won’t mind that most crimes are free!!!
Otherwise he had some serious messing around with the braai… fun!
Hood #3: Has been helping find spots for a really cool series of “Saturday Spots” we are planning over the next couple of weeks…DSC_0860
Hood #4: Rediscovered the piano and Elvis…there is hope that he may want to play the piano rather than the drums!!!

Hood #5: Was so quick with his school that he even had time for some math games…


And drew a picture of just the two of us!!!DSC_0515

And he kept an eye on the new neighbors, with their big dogs!!!

Hood #6: Was the only person willing to be the victim of her brothers medical training…
Don’t panic, that’s food coloring, not actual blood letting!!!
Hood #7: Has taken to gardening alongside me…
And is mastering the cutlery…
Hood #8: Discovered crisps, I boy after his father’s own heart!!!
Has a passion for apples and right now is sprouting teeth…

That’s us… Have a good week!!!

7 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.18”

  1. Hay KM, So glad you enjoy our weeks that were… they are my favorite posts to write!!! I loved you turkeys!!! Hope you are having a fantastic week!!!!

  2. Hi se7en 🙂
    I just love Hood #1’s city scape and the celebrity chef’s drawing. So cool. I really need to pop in some more.

  3. What a beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes – the joy, sharing, learning that goes on in your home is amazing – and it seems to be a reflection of your values as a momma passed onto your kids. My personal favorites are the spoons on the fridge, the linear phase and the artwork – especially the sweet drawing of “just the two of you!” So much to learn here from you on your lovely blog. I seem to be surrounded by others who parent so differently from me, with a completely different style, so it is so refreshing to connect with a like-minded mom here in your space.
    p.s, very fun to hear those south african terms: the braai and the crisps and the views – love it, brings back such wonderful memories of our year and a half in south africa!

  4. Hi Leslie, How are you doing after the storm? You are so right about finding like-minded moms, not as easy as one might think!!! Because of you I am making Playful Parenting my next Amazon purchase… I have to read this book. Thanks for enjoying your visit over here, I love visiting your blog world and reading what you have to say!!! Have a great week!!!

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