Se7en’s Sandpaper Cave Art…

Suppose you take your children on vacation to the middle of nowhere… And suppose while you are there you show them some amazing Ancient Art, from a time when elephants roamed the area that is now for all practical purposes a desert…


And you go on a hike and hunt for traces of people that lived in ancient times…
You have to explain that you are standing in their lounge, but they probably didn’t have a couch…
But there were windows of the more breezy variety…
And doors of the squeezy variety…DSC_1485
Anyway then you might come home and find your children drawing in charcoal on the back wall… skinny hands, chubby hands… all sorts of hands!!!


And I think their ancestors may have been proud!!!


Now you know me, things like charcoal drawings on the kitchen wall don’t bother me a bit… but my kids were after something more permanent… would these last at least 1000 years? Maybe not!!! But I know they actually wanted something they could pop in their art journals. So here is the simplest craft in the world…

Grab some sandpaper – and we have heaps of the stuff, bought for projects that never get done!!!

Draw your master piece on the back…
And snip it out…
And before you know it you will have a tribe of Ancient elephants walking across your kitchen walls…
Maybe they spotted them in the valley below!!!

The photographs were taken at Stadsaal and Truitjieskrall in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape.

15 Replies to “Se7en’s Sandpaper Cave Art…”

  1. absolutely beautiful site. Australia? We have opportunities to view ancient rock art here in CO, although for preservation sake no one is to touch with his/her hands because I’ve been told the oils from hands could compromise the site/ lead to disintegration, etc. You may know this or not? Thought I’d pass the info on. Anyhow, thank you for sharing.

  2. oops, you are in South Africa. Sorry. yeah elephants probably wouldn’t fit in with Australia? 🙂

  3. Hay Melissab, Yes we are in South Africa, and a lot of the paintings have actually been fenced off to preserve them – not so much from touching but from graffiti if you can believe it… It is a mad world we live in isn’t it!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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