The Week That Was – 3.22

After all the excitement of a holiday, this week was indeed a strangely ordinary one…
We did find time for an avalanche…
And remarkably our Christmas plan is on track!!! We got our shoeboxes out…our cards are in the drying phase and envelopes addressed… and names have been swapped and secret planning amongst siblings is afoot!!!
Most of this was week was spent transforming our garden from total chaos… euch!!! Here is a really close up so that you don’t have to see the actual chaos…
I sent some characters out to clean up any garden garbage, while some of us stayed put and got our seeds and seedlings under control…
Well innocent as they might look…
They got really busy, really quickly…
Fulfilling dreams to visit there Godmother on the far side of the world…
I did have one steady helper… of the climbing variety…
Well as steady as one can expect!!!
Otherwise there was swimming…
And splashing…
of one kind and another…
And someone wondering what all that noise was about…
There was virtual travel…
Of one kind and another…
There was time for Safari…
And a new “sleepy” game…
With only the shortest people in charge…DSC_0174
And there were flowers!!! Since the Father person asked me to marry him, oh about a million years ago, this week gone by!!!
And we watched Toy Story 3, you know a movie for Advent fun… Well lets just say that baby doll gave me the creeps too… and my kids aren’t ready for mainstream cinema!!!
Luckily for big brothers…
And I have a question for all you frequent shoppers of disposables diapers… Frankly if we only used disposables with one if not two and often three kids in diapers at one time we would have our own land fill. I have to ask… why are these so convenient??? Why??? For example here is a pack from the local supermarket… where more than half of them didn’t have tags… these are from a leading brand folks… So every time you grab one to use… you have to grab the duct tape too. Do they supply the duct tape – no! Does my little guy love wrapping himself in the stuff – yes… And does the roll of tape vanish between every changing session – It sure does. I just want to suggest to all nappy manufacturers out there that mothers really do want tabs on their diapers and if they can’t have those then could they please supply the tape.
No-one really wanted to be back in school, least of all me, and I had a couple of carefully written apologies for “dis-behaviour” on my keyboard… but this was the best humble apology I have ever received and has to be the contribution of the week… and before you think I have a gracious and especially generous hearted child… that is a scan of a used chocolate!!!
And our book of the week, well: Hood #2 Discovered Sherlock Holmes and frankly his life will never be the same again!!! Sherlock holmes.jpg

And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Decided to sort his papers… shudder…
And ended up organizing LEGO pamphlets instead.
He also spent time making dragon eggs… (frozen balloons filled with water)…
I know the next installment will involve copius amounts of food coloring and possibly glitter…
And my freezer will never be the same again!!!
Hood #2: Developed an Anesthetic machine to put all his siblings to sleep before major surgery…
And invented a new kind of inhaler thing… um… whatever…
Hood #3: Read…
Hood #4: Couldn’t get elephants out of his mind…DSC_0124
And ran a church service…
Here is his congregation…
And Bible Reader…
Hood #5: Was happy to be home…
And was the only one to transition back into school and chores and she sorting with ease!!!
Hood #6: Showed her little sister about a million cook books…DSC_0076
Hood #7: Took to the couch for lazy afternoon naps and more books… (life is tough when you are two!!!)
And is the champion frog hopper in the family…
By miles…DSC_0062
Hood #8: Did so many things… and has quite forgotten his passion for stairs… he has a new one and it is rock climbing… gasp!!! Let’s just call him “scrape face” from now on…
He also discovered the jungle gym… His kind of thing…
Though I really would prefer if he had just stayed grubbing about in the sand.
That’s us!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

11 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.22”

  1. Irene – I have no idea!!! I think it may all have been jammed back!!! And I mean jammed – we didn’t talk about it!!! Not at all!!!

  2. Ditto on the baby doll! Loved the church service – who knows what lies ahead for Hood #4! Always fun to have a peek into your week. Lots of love from us all.

  3. Hay Kim!!! I tell you even the ordinary round here isn’t that ordinary!!! ANd what were they thinking with that terrifying doll… I know kids movies are not as sweet as they once were but… I could go on!!! Anyway I hope you have a great day!!!

  4. Hay Jacki, So good to hear from you!!! Hood #4 is mad about church services right now!!! He met a man at the Lausanne Conference that told hi that he didn’t have to be a grown-up to tell people about Jesus and now he is all ready for action!!! You take care!!!

  5. Hi there, I’m one of those silent readers who’s not that good at commenting! Sorry. I really enjoy your blog and following your adventures.

    I just thought I’d let you know I had the same experience with a bag of nappies recently (I’m also usually a cloth nappy user), I called and complained and they sent me a voucher for a full new pack. If you haven’t already, give it a try… I didn’t think of the tape…next time I’ll have a roll handy!’

  6. Hi Kath… Oh silent reader with such cute boys!!! You are a genius!!! I never actually thought to complain!!! A true South African, quick to moan and not so quick to act!!! You are right I am going to give them a call!!! Thanks for the tip and I hope you all have a fun week!!!

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