Saturday Snippet: Kromrivier Farm in the Cederberg… and Se7en Things to do there…

So many of you asked us where we went on vacation – because naturally it was so splendid that you want to go too!!! We stayed on a farm called Kromrivier, in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape…

DSC_1054 Firstly it is quite a journey… You drive up the West Coast as far as Citrusdal and then a little further on you turn into the Cederberg and drive over mountain passes deeper and deeper into the mountains and further and further from Civilization. I raided my kids holiday journals for this post… if you are looking for photographs then follow this link.


Back to the farm:

There are campsites and cottages to stay in. We stayed in a house. There is electricity and water but otherwise you are disconnected… no phone reception, no internet and no television… Really very peaceful!!!

There is a farm office where you can by fire-wood and a couple of holiday treats – jams, soda’s, choclates… Also you can get maps of the surroundings and permits. Most of the longer hikes are through a region of Cape Nature Reserves and require inexpensive permits.
sawildlife.jpgDon’t forget your nature guides there are heaps of creatures to see and discover!!! Otherwise you have to take everything you will need with you for your trip, there is no store for hours around… seriously!!! Plan your meals and take everything you will need… We took our bread machine and it was a life saver, fresh rolls for lunch everyday and bread on the fire every night… lovely!!! Oh and what you do need to take is something to collect your garbage in to take it home with you… glass, paper and so on you have to take home. Most of the other garbage was really fine to save and feed to the pigs!DSC_0177

There is masses to do there with kids, we were there a week and still didn’t get our fill, we will have to return again and again:

  1. Swimming: In any number of watery spots – the river, the dam… it gets really hot there in summer and you will be glad of the river and its beautiful clear pools!!!
  2. Hiking: There are little walks for little legs and really long walks for the adventurous. The bigger hikes require permits that you can get at the farm office.DSC_0164 Not everyone was excited about walking so far!!! DSC_0166
    We are going to do some training because we have ambitions for more adventurous hikes…
  3. Stargazing: The night sky is not interrupted by the glow of city lights and the stars are really magnificent!!!
  4. DSC_0201

  5. Feed the Animals: Keep all your kitchen scraps to feed the pigs, seriously fun for my city kids!!!
    And the goats ate any leaves they were passed!!!
  6. DSC_0202

  7. Ancient Art Paintings: A short drive from Kromrivier there are two great sites: Truitjieskraal and Stadsaal… Where you can explore enormous caves and discover Ancient Paintings… We spent an entire day roaming around and exploring!!! It was fine for even the shortest legs to have fun and even finer for the longer legs in the party that were ready to explore and clamber over rocks.
  8. DSC_1578

  9. Cooking outdoors every night: Everyone got a turn to be in charge of the fire for an evening, clearly we can never go away for less than a week, we need at least as many nights as we have kids!!!
  10. DSC_0171

  11. Beast and Bird Watching: There are heaps of animals to birds to find!!! My kids came across a Harlequin snake and that was about their proudest moment!!!
  12. more wildlife.jpg
    DSC_0180 And the Se7en + 1th thing:

  13. There is a Tea-Room: Where you can get a selection of meals, there were even waffles on the menu!!! But we totally never got around to it, we kept saying tomorrow and then our week was up!!!
  14. DSC_1844

So we will definitely be back… if you want to know more about Kromrivier then just follow the link to their website.

6 Replies to “Saturday Snippet: Kromrivier Farm in the Cederberg… and Se7en Things to do there…”

  1. Yes! I want to go there! Sounds like a fabulous family escape….hiking, swimming, star gazing, pig feeding! I especially love the illustrations that go along with this post 🙂 And those cave drawings sound very cool. I have never seen anything like that, but would love to.

  2. Hay Lucia, Traveling friend!!! You all would indeed love this place!!! It was brilliant to take my children there and show them bits and pieces of my childhood!!! You never know you may yet travel to Cape Town!!!

  3. goedag ek is ‘n jeugleier in kuilsrivier in Kaapstad wil graag so 20 kinders bring vir naweek wil graag pryse weet per chalets en wanneer is dit off season want meeste in die jeug is skoliere en het enkel ouers kan u hulle asb so gou moontlik na my terug kom.

  4. Hello Dirk, We just visited there as a family, but here are the contact details of the place we stayed at: KromRivier Farm and if you phone them they should be able to help you. Hope that helps – all the best of luck!!!

  5. Awesome holiday’s had in past here at Kromrivier through hectic rain storms, lighting storms camping. Observatory cool on clear sat. Nights, also nite drives too find leopards and caracals.

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