Fabulous Friday Fun #48…

  1. Christmas Food Court Flash Mob… Hallelujah Chorus: This is so Happy Christmas I just love it!!!
  2. Where Do You Hide Your Holiday Presents? on Ohdeedoh!!! You have to have read this post and the comments!!! Hysterical!!! I know I gave my mom a run for her money!!! And then I expect my children not peep in any bag that I leave quite openly out anywhere!!! I reckon if its lying out they won’t notice it but if it is stashed away they may well be tempted to peak!!!
  3. Supposing you were crafty and were planning to make a soft book for your baby for Christmas well Brichopas has ALL the inspiration you will ever need!!! I will look in awe and just say wow!!!
  4. And I love love love this calendar on Design Sponge: My mother would love this!!! Look at it mom and enjoy it because that’s as far as that project is getting!!!
  5. Welcoming winter from Simple Kids… We are sweltering and some winter cheer would be quite welcome over here!!! In fact this whole post could be applied to welcoming summer and some moonlight watching could well be on the cards!!!
  6. The Happiest Mom is writing a great series on easing up on traditions – I am all for it – do what works and drop the rest!!! Here is her take on Christmas cards.
  7. Ohdeedoh has a giant list of felt food!!! Seriously!!!
  8. And the Se7en +1th thing:

  9. After a week of decluttering… a certain amount of stuff has slipped past my beady eye for a number of weeks… this week was the uncovering so to speak and certain family members need to feel the essence of this post.
  10. That’s us… Happy holidays!!!

8 Replies to “Fabulous Friday Fun #48…”

  1. Hay Cheryl… Just watching all your snow on the news… hectic and freezing!!! Looks like good weather for going nowhere and reading lots of books!!!

  2. Hello. What’s the link again to your number 3 for this post? When I click on it, it takes me to the same link as number 2. Just curious. Thanks!

  3. Lauren, Thanks so much for picking that up – the link is fixed… pop over there for a feast of inspiration!!! Have a lovely day!!!

  4. I better not check out that felt food list… oh my! THANKS for sharing all your wonderful links. Someday in 2011 I’m gonig to go back and check out all your stuff— if YOU likie I know I LIKIE!

  5. and I have to add— I just looked at that CALENDAR— I just about fainted. WOW! PERFECTION. I’ve been trying to dream up a way to keep track of those little moments… we are doing this in 2011!!!! Are you going to do one for each kid or one as a family?

  6. Hay KM – Would you just look at that calendar… I think I may make one indeed and use it as a place to keep a fun “to do” list… It seems to motivate us all to do what needs to be done when we have something positive to look forward too!!! We are finally settling into a week of Christmas creating and making!!! Hopefully I will have to time to blog bits and pieces of it!!! Lots and lots of love to you all!!!

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