Se7en’s Winter Wonderland in Summer…

We managed the Wonderland, but not the winter so much!!!

We have been saving up drinks bottles and clay to join Lilla a in her Winter Wonderland Exhibition… Keep in mind that
our idea of winter is severely limited and includes trips to the beach. And our only experience of snow came in a box…
And it didn’t stay white for very long!!!

Anyway when we got to our clay it was rock solid!  So we had to settle for playdoh. So play-doh it was…and our winter wonderland became our reality and bright summer colors abounded!!!


So our bottles became people and they needed dressing…


A whole heap of brightly colored gargoyles in fact… who quickly became known as “The Gargles…”


And they definitely needed dressing, so out came the scrap box and snipping and gluing abounded…


Not to mention a couple of buttons…


And before you could blink we had a family called “The Gargles” headed for the beach!!!


Complete with a sun umbrella and beach towels!!!


Anyway pop over and visit lilla a where she exhibits the most wonderfully creative kids arty crafts from around the world!!!

5 Replies to “Se7en’s Winter Wonderland in Summer…”

  1. Darn, I missed the deadline. That would have been fun to join in with.

    I love the idea that your winter wonderland is so colourful and your reasoning behind it! I hope we get enough snow tomorrow to use the food colouring to paint pictures in the snow. I wonder if I can start before the children wake up !

  2. Hay Cheryl… Lilla a Exhibitions are just too darling for words and she works so hard to put them all together!!! I will be sure to post about her impending exhibitions on my Friday link ups so that you don’t have to miss them!!! AND snow painting what a lovely surprise!!! I just can’t imagine I would ever get my warm blooded creatures out of the door into the snow!!! Lots of love!!!

  3. I’m moving in!!!! What a way to expeince WINTER fun during the your SUMMERTIME BLISS. It’s so hard for me to imagine Christmas during the summer months! Do you open presents outside in the morning?

  4. Hay KM – If it isn’t the famous Katherine Marie visiting us!!! Lovely!!! Christmas Day… We get up and dash to church and then home again and we find a shady spot in our courtyard to swap gifts… and after gifting we usually spend the rest of the day around the pool!!! It is just too hot to think of anything else!!! And we usually have a braai – you would call it a barbecue, for supper!!! Summer fun!!! Hope you aren’t all freezing to death!!!

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