The Week That Was – 3.24…

The Week That Was Hot Hot Hot…

DSC_0693 It was a bit of a reverse week for us as everyone around us is on school holiday and our kids were up at the crack of dawn with lunches packed and good to go for at least the morning… each day. Most of the kids had a holiday program at gym… and boy do my kids love and adore going to gym!!! They scored a spinning class and came home with visions of cycling at least around the world and back… IMG_0032 Some of us are a little more leisurely at heart!!! IMG_0036 My oldest two guys had a really fabulous week and did “Junior Biologist” courses at the Aquarium and they loved every second of it!!! They saw wondrous things, they went behind the scenes, they made maps and dissected things… They learnt so much and haven’t stopped talking about it for one second!!!


They made the coolest bags…


Meanwhile, Christmas is coming, there is a sense of that!!!


There was time for Carols… DSC_0668 And finally we began our gift making… why has this taken so very long!!!

DSC_0667 And somebody loved it totally but would not, should not, could not do a hand print!!! DSC_0662 So for the foot book man – a foot print seemed appropriate!!!

DSC_0666 There was time for swimming… DSC_0686 And afternoon naps… DSC_0653And someone didn’t want him to wake up all alone so every stuffed toy in the house was quietly and strategically placed…DSC_0651 There was time for friends… IMG_0044 And Saturday night pizza feasts… DSC_0690 And there was plenty of planting… DSC_0669 After almost a year (don’t even ask why!)… We took a trip to the library… DSC_0649 And it was so good that we stopped right there to read the haul… why travel home two blocks when you can sit right there!!! IMG_0039 And we read and read…


Our book of the week has to be: I have read this about eighteen times in two days… and I think some short people might be working through some issues, or at least trying to figure out how to cope with sly wolves!!! Wolves.jpg

And this is what the hoods got up to:
Hood #1: Produced a small army… DSC00376

Hood #2:Wondered about the X in Xmas, “asked and answered – shew” and when we were planning to put up our tree… not yet!!!

DSC_0593 Hood #3: Created her fair share of dishes, while she helped me review Justin Bonello’s Cooked out of the Frying Pan.

DSC_0588 Hood #4: Brought me a garden!!! It was his craft from gym – yup they do crafts there too!!! DSC_0650 Hood #5: Discussed the importance of a good ganache on a chocolate cake… DSC_0500 Hood #6: Spun a few yarns – she is so good at that!!! DSC_0299 Hood #7: Spent more hours than anyone crafting away!!! DSC_0613 Hood #8: Is into everything…


Nothing is safe…


Well except the father person, who is loved and adored!!!


That’s us!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

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  1. Thanks Phyllis – I popped over to see your Christmas preparations… Wow you guys look like you are having lots of wonderful warm fun… no matter how cold it is out doors!!! Lots of love to you all!!!

  2. I love reading about your family! It inspires me to keep doing all the behind the scene things it takes to have a joy-filled, creative family. Happy Christmas!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I had a little look around your farm – loved it… Hope you have a fun Christmas yourselves!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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