The Week That Was – 3.26

Well the tree is full…


And Christmas seemed to flash past so quickly…


And then New Year came…

DSC_0339 And went…


And we watched our new beach towels flaying in the wind… DSC_0152

And  just as soon as I am finished this post we will be back in school for a couple of weeks… And there were some very sad, sobbing short people when the father person picked up his lunch bag and headed off for work… and lots of loving letters stuffed in his bag. Meanwhile the weather here has been tragic and all our plans to lounge on round the pool and go for walks on the mountain have failed as the wind has blown and blown and blown…. But it was a good time to get lots of things done in a pottering kind of a way!!! Usually when I do “tasks” it is a “do or die” attitude but this was different there was time… time to put all the wandering books back on the shelves, time to clear the counters of every single science experiment ever…


We had time for games: DSC_0191 And tea and scones: DSC_0267 And the father person was home – and he is the salad king… DSC_0254 So salads… DSC_0253 And fruit feasts… DSC_0255 And the guys tried their hand at a King Cake… DSC_0269 And candy canes… DSC_0331 And tea parties… DSC_0209 And friends from afar… DSC_0215 And party hats… DSC_0092 ANd someone didn’t want the fun to stop… DSC_0090 It didn’t… We played more games… DSC_0175 And danced… DSC_0098 And danced… DSC_0097 And danced… DSC_0095 And danced… DSC_0093 Otherwise there was time for generations… DSC_0109 And naps… DSC_0162 And mudpies…

DSC_0348 There was Duplo… DSC_0232 And watercolor pencils…DSC_0187 And favorite shiny new tools… DSC_0195 There was reading of books… DSC_0086 And then a few more… DSC_0143 We went camping on the deck in the freezing wind and read a weeks worth of library books… DSC_0179 Until we could read no more and stand the cold no more… DSC_0181 Then we went and replenished our stock… DSC_0258 Our book of the week has to be: This book is so cool it deserves its own post!!! There are so many wonderful things in here: ranging from just pen and paper to paper mache and collage… Some projects are quick and easy, some are harder (but not too hard for a nine year old to tackle on her own!!!). The variety is enormous and there is something really for any mood or effort level!!! I know I want it next to my desk for poking about it!!! 365 usborne activities.jpg Hood #1: Spent his week with lego and books… in fact he was burdened with books what with Christmas and two trips tp the library. DSC_0247 Hood #2: Poked around in the garage doing electronic stuff… DSC_0154 And thought he could challenge me to the World Cup… I have never played with one of these before – what a lot of fun!!! DSC_0355

Hood #3: Her week was all about paper dolls and I haven’t seen them out for such a long time… it was lovely!!!


And sleepovers – this kid doesn’t just take a sleeping bag – she moves house!!! DSC_0273

Hood #4:He went on a trip into the land of a great big sticker book. DSC_0196 Hood #5: He did some major crafting… DSC_0212 And whatever it is that chefs do… and I am not complaining!!! DSC_0160 Hood #6: She got some glit sticks for Christmas – that’s glitter glue to you and I, and her world is complete!!! DSC_0172 Hood #7: Has a lot to draw about…DSC_0183 And could there possibly be a career for someone who sticks stickers… DSC_0250 Hood #8: We may have a new artist on our hands… who has just discovered he can climb the dresser and reach all those lovely colors!!! DSC_0184 He vanished into the shower for hours to play with the bath toys!!! DSC_0265

ANd he has taken up a new sport, and he takes it seriously… Dancing, dancing, dancing… it is the only thing he takes seriously and he pretty much laughs through life. No need to tickle this guy to hear him laughing out loud… just point a finger at him or pop a smile in his direction and “wahahahaha” belly laugh!!!


That’s us – Have a great week… We are off to the world of math books and language arts, timelines and maps, arts and crafts… Hope you have a good one!!!

11 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.26”

  1. Hay Laura – Isn’t it cool!!! My mom found it at the paper weight shop!!! AND it is just up my round the world adventurers street!!! I hope you have a fabulous 2011.

  2. Happy New Year. I’m catching up with posts at the moment. The holiday has gone too fast. We have several of the Usbourne books and they are always packed with so many ideas. Love the photos of your dancing boy.

    We had snow falling all day today, but that salad still looks so tempting. Yum!

  3. Hi Cheryl… Snow is so hard to imagine when it’s se7en in the morning and sweltering… all the windows and doors are open in an effort to catch the last gleams of night “coolth” I think it may be too little tooo late!!! Have a great day!!!

  4. I can not tell you how much I enjoy these posts! Such great inspiration to enjoy the days with our kids. It looks like you all have so much fun!

    Mrs. H

  5. Hay Mrs. H. Thank you for your kind comments!!! I am so glad you enjoy our weekly posts!!! The fruits: paw paw, granadilla and litchis… I guess its the litchis that look gross, they come with a hard shel that you peel off and they taste really good!!! But now that I look at them they could be good for Halloween too!!! Have a happy day!!!

  6. Wow, but you all have been busy!!! I heard the weather was windy windy — sounds like we didn’t miss too much being away! Hood #8 looks so big — I am behind on photos around here and he is growing up fast!!

  7. Hay Caroline – It is so good to have you home safe and sound!!! December windy is notoriously bad here… Just when everyone visits Cape Town… The best weather is still to come… April and May: no wind, not too hot, not too cold… gorgeous sunny days at the beach… perfect – trust me on this!!! Just wait!!! Our little guy has just done a growth jump and may have hit two year old clothes… he has a fever and is pretty glum… not a lot of blogging going on with a little guy sweltering in my arms!!! Lots of love… and welcome home!!!

  8. Hi Katy… We call them granadillas but you might call them passion fruit… you cut them open and scoop the center out and eat it pips and all.. it makes a lovely juice as well!!! Guava’s are more pink and solid with a row of pips near the center…the pips are too hard to eat and the fruit isn’t my favorite. Most people stew guavas and eat them with custard… I think the custard might be to take away the taste!!! All these exotic fruits would make a fab halloween!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

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