Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #51…

Oh my goodness… the week has past!!! Here are my Se7en Favorites from this week!!!


  1. Would you please just look at Katherine Marie and her 52 smiles… go now, don’t stop for coffee just go… totally awfully, brilliantly inspiring.
  2. summer.jpg

  3. Remember Summer and Snow… Well Vintage Kids Books had an interview series on the author Roy Mckie this week. Just how cool is that?!!!

  4. Snow.jpg

  5. And because Christmas can’t have been over so quickly, head over to Kireei for some Nativity, I just love, love, love the “Adoro me” one.
  6. Just look at this Winter Ice Skating Party at The Sweetest Occasion, my kids have never seen real snow, neither has the father person… this post made me want to pack!!!
  7. I have just discovered Pininterest… would you just look at kids room inspiration and drool… and what my boy is doing there amidst his pile of school books I don’t know… but this was just a reminder that school is nearly out for us and I really want to do some room revamping!!!
  8. And did you see INGREDIENT on Ohdeedoh… My kids would live and die to read this!!! So would I!!!
  9. Did I ever mention I love and adore Alisa Burke’s sketchbooks… take a look she’s running a course my heart jumped right out of my skin when I saw it!!! My kids earn money by collecting endless leaves in the driveway – well it may well be my turn to scoot them indoors to school and sweep the leaves – all the leaves my very self…
  10. And the Se7en +1th thing:


  11. 52 Weeks of Organizing from I’m an Organizing Junkie: I think I may just have to do this… I need to master the art of being consistent, seriously I have a spurt of organizing, followed by maintenance that very quickly tends to entropy. When I first saw this I thought… I don’t need to do this … but I looked at the fill in sheet: printed it out and took my “To-Do” list out of my brain and dumped it… 43 things came to mind, now that’s alarming!!! All things my brain thinks I need to do right now!!! Nope a lot of it can wait a while and only two or three things are urgent … so I guess if week one was filling in the form I have done it!!! Anyway if you have a to-do list anything like mine then… think about this because you will get a heap of support here, Laura the ultimate Organizing Junkie has been supporting my organizing attempts since our blog began!!! And here is Week One… and I will not be overwhelmed by others, do you think I can just furtively organize my way through my list – look at what they all have done… waaahhhaa!!!! Well at least I have my list together, that’s a start.

That’s us… Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

8 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #51…”

  1. Great links! Thanks 🙂 I’m with you on the organizing bit – I can be very good at it and also super bad at it!

  2. Hay Kim… Aren’t they just divine!!! Totally divine… I want to go on holiday and stay in any of them!!! Have a fun week!!!

  3. Hay Vintage Kid’s Books… I love your site and you had such a great week of posts!!! I loved every second of it!!! Have a great day!!!

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