Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #53…

  1. Design Sponge had a Winter Picnic Party: Doesn’t it look so pretty. One of my little girls asked the other day, “So when do we get the snow?” “Never my child.” That is the price you have to pay for living practically on the beach in Africa.
  2. All Things Beautiful blogged about our Post Card Swap!!! And we are starting to get replies!!! Very Exciting!!!
  3. If you don’t follow Bloesem Kids then you really should!!! Scroll down her “Somethings I like” of the week… down to the bottom and look at the tree hooks – Awesome. I love it and a globe, sigh!!!
  4. Meet Me At Mikes loved: Somewhere over the Rainbow… So did I!!!
  5. Magnifying Glass.jpg

  6. Visit the Magnifying Glass: for a fabulous build your own microbe biosphere in a jar project. I am just trying to think of where to find a huge glass jar…thinking, thinking, plotting and planning… Any ideas on where I can get a large jar?
  7. Apartment Therapy and Rethinking the Need for Storage: Fabulous post… really fabulous post!!! We slowly but surely store less and less and as we finish our school year and I start picking up all the accumulated clutter from a year of school… I need a bit of inspiration and this was it!!!
  8. Do You Get the Picture wrote Lessons from My Messy House. We had a really messy house this week and what a good week it was!!! In fact we tend to be messier and messier, I just call it busier!!!
  9. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  10. This week on I’m an Organizing Junkie she is looking at piles… Oh my goodness do we have piles of stuff, and I have been sorting through piles all week… little bits of art supplies left over from our Bookmaking. This was my week to sort out our school stuff, get all the timeline stuff in order (YES!!!) and address the post pile. Now, the post pile is a bit of a mountain in my house and I just can’t face it!!! Instead I went through all the kids clothes and found an entire bag of donatables…yay!!! And then I went through the kids bookshelves and found more than a couple of duplicates and a whole heap more books to donate. You see that all sounds very honorable but can you see… I was avoiding THE POST PILE… not to mention the drawers in the front hall… and I must get back into the jungle/garden… breathe!!! Okay this week coming I am doing just the post pile, anything extra is a bonus. I don’t know what bothers me about the post pile: it is more like a large to do pile. As the post comes in it gets sorted – I know that… recycling out and well dump the rest and it isn’t just post it is every piece of paper I have to attend to… bleh. So my quest for the week: The post pile and don’t I wonder how many other tasks will be achieved while I avoid this!!!

That’s us… Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. Hey there, and thanks for linking to our microbe make-along project! I just wanted to let you know that you don’t need a huge glass jar. A smaller one will work too! Just downsize all the ‘ingredients’ to the size of your smaller jar. If you need help, just post the size of your jar in the comments, and we’ll figure it out.

  2. You can tackle that pile! Do it in five piece bits. Go over, grab five pieces of paper and deal with them. Pat yourself on the back, and walk away! Don’t do more. Wait at least fifteen minutes before you go back for only five more pieces. You’ll get through it with hardly any effort at all. You can do it!

  3. Nancy, Thank-you – you are such a star!!! I realized when we were making dinner last night that we have a large jar we use for fresh tomato sauce in the fridge… I am hoping my husband won’t notice it’s gone!!! Thanks so much for getting back to us and I can’t wait for the next installment!!!

  4. Thank you Julie-K, I need all the encouragement I can get… just five pieces is such a good idea… oh this pile has everything in it: books to mend, birthday cards, scraps that might be useful… oh my word it is awful… but just five pieces – is manageable… and hopefully will whittle it done – though I really can’t believe it!!! I will show the progress next week, nothing like a blog to keep you honest!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  5. Hi, we’ve done a similar thing here in the UK but we used the plastic sweet jars that you get in old fashioned sweet shops. The ones where they sell sweets by the oz. Don’t know if you get those in South Africa – they give them away free here if you ask.

  6. Oh Katherine, My mom has some of those… who would have thought, if I had just thought a little bit about it!!! So you have made one of these biomes, wonderful I am in awe… can’t wait to get started!!! Hope you guys are surviving the cold weather!!!

  7. JoyfulMAma… Thank you, don’t I love any excuse to go to Mr. Price – any excuse!!! And drool over all the lovely home things – love it!!! I hope you all have such a fun week!!!

  8. I am just starting to get caught up with my bloggy reading and here is my next stop! If you like it, I like it… :):)

  9. OH KM I am so impressed you went on holiday together!!! The father person and I have managed to get a coffee together once or twice a week at gym… and it is so good!!! Well done you !!! Hop[e you find something lovely and snug to do today!!!

  10. coming in late here – but bonpak in Diepriver has really cheap jars of all shapes and sizes. I got large 1l pickle jars there for R7/jar which we used for our Christmas gifts (thanks to your blog – our Xmas gifts were all handmade gift-in-a-jar!! I’ll send the link sometime!)

  11. Hi Taryn – Thanks for the tip!!! I have a thing for jars!!! Your gifts sound lovely – Hope you all enjoy the sunshine and have a fun week!!!

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