The Week That Was – 3.29

In a nutshell… HOT!!! Summer is here and school is almost out…


Kids are finishing up their year in dribs and drabs and it really was a week of getting lots of things done. Tie-dyes that I meant to do months ago…

And a glance at the sink about sums up our week, lots of important things got done…
There was time to swim…
And time to climb…
And plenty of time to read…
Time to chill…
And time to paint…
Time for houses…DSC_0258
And something else… though I am not sure what!!!
Even time for chores…
There was time for very cute friends…


And watermelon…
And ships and shipping…
And hide-and-seek!!!
And other friends..
Yup, she would find it!!!
There was time for art…
And even self portraits…
There was time for tea parties…DSC_0096
And time for cooking…
And more cooking…
And more painting…
This little butterfly has to be my offering of the week:
Or maybe these that arrived next to my lap top!!!
And time for the library!!! YAY!!! I think I may be over achieving in the “getting to the library each week department…” long may it last – everyone is happier for it!!!
We had a Richard Scarry revival:DSC_0189
So our book of the week has to be:
What do people do all day.jpg
And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Is building flying machines by the dozen…
Hood #2: Is all about the chemistry uses crates of baking powder in the name of science!!! Note to mother person get this guy to the glasses repair man this week, their is only so long a child should have to walk around with a bull clip on his glasses.
Hood #3: She is done with grade 3 and free to read and read and read for the next couple of weeks…

Hood #4: Went hunting with the help of a roll of masking tape… I am so glad he didn’t ask me to peel that head gear off!!!DSC_0117

Hood #5: Is into family photo’s right now…
If their is a family then he can photograph it…
Hood #6: Collected a ferocious beast…
And loved it forever…
Hood #7: This one all takes painting to a new level… or should I say a different level!!! Paint…
And ummm…
Hood #8: Decided he would rather sprout teeth than sleep…
Poor guy, let me show you his cute feet instead…
And just in case you wonder about life with eight… this is what I wake up to in the mornings…
Just add three and I had the whole gang!!! Not often I think to catch them!!!
That’s us – Hope you have a really fabulous week!!!

12 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.29”

  1. I so love these packed-full-of-goodliness posts of yours!
    The spider is amazing! And gorgeous.

    I love art that I’m thinking is oil pastels and paints?

    And 8 at kitchen…. and all of it. I love all of it. 🙂

  2. Hay Stephanie… With a wonderful comment like that I think I will be able to face the week with a spring in my step!!! Thank-you and it was indeed black oil pastel and watercolor crayons/paints – love them!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!! Strange to think that in a couple of weeks time spring is going to start creeping into your world!!! Lots of love!!!

  3. Oh Phyllis, Thank-you… I wish we could send you some summer via the internet it looks so cold in your part of the world!!! Lots of love to all of you and have a great week!!!

  4. oh my FUN! I want to come play in the sunshine with you guys!!! My kids would have such a ball with all your CREATIVE and PLAYFUL times. IT’s below zero here… why don’t you put the kiddos on a plane and come visit us so they can get a taste of snowy joy!!!!!

  5. Oh KM, We are so enjoying the sunshine!!! I think my kids will absolutely shrivel away in the cold!!! Wouldn’t it be fun to jump on a plane and whizzz across the world for a fun visit!!! Hope you guys have a really great week!!! Lots of love!!!

  6. Had to smile at the painted hands. It used to surprise me that they find the need to cover the backs of their hands with paint as well.

    I love the photo of all eight of your children on the sofa.

  7. Hi Cheryl… Didn’t you always want green hands? Not so much !!! I was checking my email and turned to discover nearly all of them in the same place at the same time and pretty immobilized by “just woken up fug”!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  8. Hay Marcia, Sometimes you just have to seize the moment!!! Thanks so much for stoping by and commenting!!! Enjoy your rain… sigh!!! Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!!!

  9. Hay Jacki, I just love that you are reading last weeks post as I am thinking… must get round to this weeks “Week that Was…” oh the blessed relief that people still read our blog while we are too busy playing to write anything!!! Hope you guys are well… we got lots of mail from you this week, thanks you star – especially for the map – what a great idea!!! Lots of lekker love to all of you!!!

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