Se7en’s Fantastic Flower Fun…

I am living and loving Alisa Burke’s SketchBook Delight Course but the only way to do it with a number of kidlets is to let them play with your pens and paints alongside you as you go!!! Today my kids made bunches of flowers using waterproof pens and watercolor paints…


While I was filling in some pages with pen and ink they drew a bunch of flowers…



Then they added watercolors… indeed they painted for hours, which was great because it was just too hot to step out doors!!!


A couple of snips…


And tape your flowers to a craft stick…


And you are done…


Pop them in a vase and your clear surface becomes a flowery display!!!


Easy peasy!!! Have Fun.

19 Replies to “Se7en’s Fantastic Flower Fun…”

  1. Thanks Tanya, they were so easy to make and so pretty and delightful!!! Well worth framing!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  2. Hi Asia, Nice to meet you!!! These flowers were very fun to make!!! Hope you have a great celebration next week!!!

  3. Love these! Thanks for our Snowy Sunday craft idea~ my girls will have great fun making these tomorrow!!

    (received my Craft giveaway book yesterday. thank you!)

  4. Hi KM, So glad you approve – make some flowers… I would love to say get ready for Spring… but that would mean Summer coming to an end for us… so just make some flowers already!!! Hope you guys have a fun fun week!!!

  5. Oh

    We are SO going to do that!

    FABULOUS IDEA! Tell the kids I think they are AWESOME!


  6. Oh my your flowers are beautiful! But then they wouldn’t be anything but beautiful!!! 🙂

    Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty!! Much appreciate your visit!


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