Sunday Snippet: New King James Version Give Away Winner…

From a hot sunny Cape Town… I know the week is getting on and you are looking for a GiveAway Winner for last weeks GiveAway… New King James Version – A GiveAway. Here you go:

A big thanks to you all for taking time to enter, not to mention all the lovely comments you leave!!! And thanks again to Christian Book Distributors for giving us more great books.


And here you all are:


And a quick mix up…


And some picking and choosing… Spot the child that likes things all in a row!!!


Just one card left…


And the winner was…


And Comment #2 was…

Katherine // Mar 9, 2011 at 8:59 am

We would love to win this. we use a Good News Bible at the moment, so a different translation would be great.

Congratulations to you Katherine – I will definitely be posting you a package this week!!! We will be sending your book on to you as soon as we can!!! And to all of you who entered… Please come back and try again next time, we will have another GiveAway for you next week!!!

And I know some of you are going to want to know what game I used to choose the winner, so here you are:

Have a great day!!!

2 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: New King James Version Give Away Winner…”

  1. Hi, Thank you so much!!! I can’t believe I was picked again. Wow, I feel so blessed.

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